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Cooper Lovera

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Cooper Lovera

Cooper Lovera found the Mario Kart player's page back in October of 2003, and was really excited to have finally found such a site. He subsequently played off and on with sporadic bursts of activity until July of 2006 when he peaked inside the Top 20 and reached the rank of GOD. After that, Cooper more or less retired, with a few PRs here and there, but nothing serious. Nevertheless he is still an active member on the MK forums, where he is a moderator and one of the board's top posters. He also played Mario Kart: Double Dash, reaching a rank of Expert A.

Besides Kart, Cooper has also played Diddy Kong Racing competitively. He is the former world champion for DKR, holding ~60/94 possible World Records at his peak (still holds 1 to this day), and is still ranked in the top 3 after a long period of inactivity. He was also a semi-updater for the (now defunct) DKR Player's Page.

Cooper's other video games of choice include anything in the Guitar Hero series. He played these games obsessively for a couple of years, and was one of the top players in the world for Guitar Hero 3 at his peak before he began to lose interest in the competitive scene. Much like kart, he now plays for the enjoyment of the game, and not so much to compete anymore.

Cooper is unclear as to how he managed to become a member of The Elite as he's never played either Goldeneye or Perfect Dark competitively in his life. Nevertheless his occasional visits to the Elite Chatroom, togther with his overall gaming accomplishments, have made him an honourary member.

Aside from gaming, Cooper is into swimming, reading, hanging out with friends and macking on girls. It was reported that Cooper has snacked more chicks than any other karter. Because of such discovery it has been proven that kart does in fact equal chicks. Cooper is a legend for both his snacking and his ability to avoid the aids virus. MKDS kiddies look up to him, fellow karters sneer at his sheer sexiness, and are obviously jealous of all the girls he's gotten.

As of the 2012 Karter Contest, Cooper doesn't have a lot of time to play much of anything, much less at a competitive level. Nevertheless, he has made a come back in MK64 at least once a year and still plays other games here and there for fun. He also does more lurking than talking these days in IRC and on the boards, but he is still around and will still talk to anyone who seeks him out... So don't be shy!

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