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James Bird

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James "Kingpin" Bird

James "Kingpin" Bird is a British Eliter who joined the site back in 2002. He reached as high as 12th in the Perfect Dark rankings with 8 World Records by the end of 2003 and, rising fast, looked destined to be the next PD Champion.

During this time Mallow (who was about 20 places back in the rankings) was asked to provide proof of his own times. Unable to capture runs himself and kicking up a fuss in public, he secretly approached his buddy Kingpin to fake some proof for him. Not wanting to see a friend with legit times get banned merely because he had no recording equipment, he duly obliged. In the space of a few hours a slow Villa SA, Pelagic PA amongst others were recorded, with Kingpin deliberately bumping into corners to slow his speed down to match Mallow's times. Duel A was also thrown in.

About a week later, however, they fell out on AIM and Mallow promptly gave him up to Zeebo (then a moderator), who immediately banned the pair. Despite 95% of Eliters voting to reinstate Kingpin the ban was upheld. His times have since reappeared on the rankings in the last year.

After his ban, Kingpin moved on to play Super Monkey Ball on a siterun by Fro, obtaining 16 World Records. He also played Timesplitters 2 for a short while before getting a job and stopping gaming.

In his spare time he was a sponsored Skateboarder, until having to give it up after breaking his arm 3 times. Nowadays he plays Guitar Hero 3, reaching a ranking of 70th on the Wii before his console broke.

After losing his virginity in 2003, the news was broadcast to the world on the front page of

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