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Greg Woll

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Greg Woll

Greg Woll is one of the oldest members of The Elite, having joined the Goldeneye ranks on one of the final updates of Goldeneye Extreme. He has always been an excellent player, reaching the Top 10 in his prime. His Goldeneye accomplishments include sweeping Egypt, being one of the first to complete Bryan Bosshardt's no-Jaws strat on Aztec (gaining an 8 second untied World Record on Secret Agent in the process), and inspiring the term "Woll Factor" with an incredible 12 boosts in a single run of Streets Secret Agent, allowing him to grab the then WR of 1:58. He has two other terms named after him: "Woll Shot" and "Woll Health Factor".

Greg briefly competed in Perfect Dark, breaking the top 40, joining the 5-minute club, and receiving an honorable mention in the Player of the Month write-up. He was also a member of the original Perfect Dark rivalry, with Lanky and Fro. Soon after, he started the first Goldeneye rivalry, with Derek Clark and Eddie Lovins.

After a long hiatus from Goldeneye, Greg recently made a comeback, with a successful goal of passing friend and rival Adam Matis. He has achieved 6 WRs (2 of which were already broken) and gained several hundred points. He will also rock your ass in multiplayer. One of Greg's finest achievements in his multiplayer career was defeating former champion Patrik Nilsson in the winner's bracket semi final match during the 2010 Virginia Goldeneye tournament, with a best-of-three series ending at 2-0 in Greg's favor. Greg would go on to finish in the runner-up position to good friend Eddie Lovins.

Woll has also competed in several other games, including Excitebike 64, F-Zero, Halo 2 and Pokémon Pearl (currently has 488 pokemon). Nowadays he can be found playing various games on Xbox, including Halo Reach and Super Meat Boy.

Greg also has worked with Quentin on improving the accuracy of the Goldeneye World Record Database, by delving into the deep, murky waters of the 1998-2001 era forums and rankings, attempting to collect as much data as possible on the WRs of that time. More recently, he worked with Quentin and Brio to create the Perfect Dark World Record Database.

He is a historian on the new rankings system, and has uploaded almost 900 historical Goldeneye and Perfect Dark videos to his eliteHistoricalVids channel on YouTube between 2012 and 2013. His GE time these days is usually more focused on making new findings in the hopes that they will help lower the World Records.

Overall, he is one of The Elite's most popular personalities, as shown by his past and current prominence in the title bar on main page.

Virginia Goldeneye Tournament History

Greg attended the first four Virginia meets, and participated in the Goldeneye tournaments at each. He has placed in the top 4 in 3 out of 4 years. His tournament history is as follows:


      Win: Jon Mertz (10-1, 10-2)
      Win: Jon Barber (10-0, 10-7)
      Loss: Jim Barrett (6-10, 6-10)
      Loss: Adam Matis (3-10, 10-7, 2-10)
      (4th overall)


      Win: Josh Lay (10-1, 10-0)
      Loss: Ilari Pekkala (9-10, 8-10)
      (?? overall)


      Win: David Wonn (10-1, 10-3)
      Win: Trent Hovis (10-5, 10-5)
      Loss: Jim Barrett (3-10, 10-3, 7-10)
      Win: Ryan Lockwood (7-10, 10-8, 10-8)
      Loss: Adam Matis (9-10, 8-10)
      (4th overall)


      Win: Josh Lay (10-5, 10-1)
      Win: Trent Hovis (8-10, 10-8, 10-3)
      Win: Patrik Nilsson (10-8, 10-9)
      Loss: Eddie Lovins (7-10, 4-10)
      Win: Jim Barrett (3-10, 10-8, 10-9)
      Loss: Eddie Lovins (9-10, 10-9, 8-10)
      (2nd overall)

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