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Derek Clark

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Derek Clark in 2011

Derek Clark began his gaming career in the world of Mario Kart 64, where he joined at 50th place (Elite F) in 2000. His quick rise to King status earned multiple awards, including Player of Winter in 2001. He was one of the first to create a personal times page (see External Links) and was among the first to publish video proof, including the first video showing a 3-for-3 on the Choco Mountain shortcut. He eventually retired from Kart at King B rank, peaking at 30th place in the world.

Shortly thereafter, Derek turned his focus to Goldeneye. He gained ranks quickly here, jumping into the top ten after only a year of competition, and providing great proof for his times. After coming close to the then-record 2:29 on Statue 00 Agent, he set out to improve the strategy, and quickly gained three World Records on the stage with 2:28/2:27/2:28. After Randy Buikema lowered the WRs to 2:27/2:27/2:27, Derek played Statue obsessively until he achieved 2:26 on 00 Agent, earning him the title of "The Statue Master." He peaked at 4th place and retired in early 2003.

Derek's greatest impact on the GE community was the Goldeneye World Records Page, which he updated from February 2001 to August 2005. He combined news, statistics, and awards with his own indelible humor and wit, giving competitors motivation to get new WRs. Although the page is updated infrequently, it remains an excellent source of history to The Elite.

On March 27, 2002, Derek gave The Elite a permanent home at The site has grown immensely, amassing over one million visits, and has allowed The Elite to evolve into what it is today. Derek has faithfully maintained the site over the years.

Because of his popularity and long service to the Elite community, Derek is the only person to have twice won the Elite Summer Contest, in 2004 and 2006.

One of Derek's favorite pastimes is playing Scrabble, something at which he excels, thanks to his amazingly expansive vocabulary. In 2009, Derek created, an online magazine reporting on music and indie culture in his home state of Florida.

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