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David Gibbons

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David "marsh" Gibbons

David "marshmallow" Gibbons is one of the most famous personalities in competitive gaming history.

Early Gaming

Marsh first rose to prominence back in December of 1998, when his incredible Ocarina of Time walkthrough took the GameFAQs world by storm. He continued producing great FAQs for top Nintendo 64 games, quickly becoming the most popular writer on the entire site (6-time Contributor of the Month winner). Marsh began speedrunning for fun shortly thereafter, with Super Metroid Prime being the first game to fall victim to his legendary abilities.

The Elite

It was his Goldeneye 00 Agent guide that first got him involved with The Elite community, and when Perfect Dark was released he became one of the Founding Fathers of the Perfect Dark Elite. He was the original Perfect Agent master, the first player under 2:00:00 total time, and grabbed all but a handful of World Records before finally being knocked from the top spot by Paragon on September 15th 2000.

Speed Demos Archive

Marsh moved on to become one of, if not THE biggest contributor to the Speed Demos Archive, with insane, original runs in countless different games. His final contribution to SDA was the 100% World Record in Super Mario Bros. 3 in 2005.

Complete-Game Speedrun

Marsh holds the current complete-game speedrun World Records at Speed Demos Archive for the following:

Former Records

Marsh formerly held complete-game WR speedrun for the following:

Current Gaming

Nowadays Marsh is mainly found playing CS 1.6 in CAL-IM with fellow Elite members Randy, Cyberwrath and PDO. He also played a Diablo II mod called Median and every once in a while messes around with Starcraft.

Marsh finally started work on his long awaited CS movie in April 2008. It'll be done when its done.

In August 2006 Marsh released an edited version of Wouter Jansen's world record complete-game speedrun of Donkey Kong 64, entitled 'Wouter Goes Bananas'. This is without doubt one of the funniest videos you will ever see.


Of his many gaming feats, Marsh considers his greatest to be either the Jet Force Gemini or Banjo-Kazooie runs.

His favourite time gaming was when Perfect Dark was first released and no one knew anything about any of the levels.

For Marsh the most joy he got from speedrunning was working on a game by himself and seeing what he could do. Once other people started to refine it down to an exact science it became tedious for him, although he considers the results of these endeavours to be impressive nonetheless.

He eventually stopped speedrunning because he had completed a run of nearly every game he owned and to defend his times would have required an insane amount of effort which he didn't consider fun.

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