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Axel Andersson

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Axel "OB" Andersson

Axel "OB" Andersson is one of the most active and popular Swedish members of The Elite.


Axel joined the ranks early in 2004 and quickly rose up the Goldeneye leaderboard, achieving the then 3 "cake" World Records - Streets A 1:14, Depot A 0:26 and Runway SA 0:23. The latter is known to be one of the cleanest World Record runs out there and was chosen to represent The Elite on He also PRd nicely in other levels and was able to break into the overall Top 30, peaking in 23rd place.


Like most Swedish gamers, Axel has played CounterStrike 1.6 extensively. Despite not playing actively so much anymore, he was once a legimately exceptional player even by Swedish standards - playing in famous clans such as "sons of ziOn" under the nick Finnen. After other activities restricted his playing time, Axel was reduced to casual play for fun. He has since been terrorising public servers, making noobs squeal at LAN parties, and acting as a one man team when he occasionally played matches with Shep - with whom he spent much time watching HLTV of pro events.

During the course of his career Axel made several movies including "Owned by Finnen", "Gå och klipp dig" and numerous klipps of insane kills and rounds. Most of these can be found in the AIM getfile of Shep or Ngamer - or upon request from Axel himself.

Other Games

Outside of Goldeneye and CS, Axel is renowned for botting games, such as Diablo II amongst others. He was also ranked highly on several Gasgames. When not owning puzzle games he likes to set Eliters other challenges, the most famous of which was the tricky task of locating Brandon Sanford amongst the trees in a classic image.


Axel remains very active in the Elite Chatroom, where his most memorable contributions are the Swedish words and phrases that he added to The Elite's vocabulary, most notably "din mor". He is also partly responsible for the popularity and common usage of the 'Animated Sketch' smiley set.

Axel is presently studying for a MSc in Engineering Physics at Uppsala University and will graduate in 2012. He enjoys sports, kebabs and, much to the delight of his mormor, likes to practise the javelin in his back garden. Nowadays he splits his time between his girlfriend and looking after his 90' HDTV projector.

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