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Henrik Norgren

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Henrik "Omega" Norgren

Henrik "Omega" Norgren joined The Elite in late 2003.

He immediately went about setting Personal Records in Goldeneye at an amazing pace, allowing him to reach the Top 10 incredibly quickly. Along the way he achieved many World Records, including Aztec 00 Agent 1:55, which broke what was the second longest lasting untied record at the time.

In February 2006, he discovered a new trick on Train Secret Agent/00 Agent, which led to over 30 seconds being cut from Goldeneye's overall time. Henrik himself held an untied sweep on Train for a pretty long time, before Rayan Isran eventually beat all competition on that level in early 2007. Henrik also invented the current Bunker 2 00 Agent strategy and got a few World Records on Goldeneye's Turbo Mode.

PR-wise, Henrik was virtually inactive for 4 years but made a very impressive comeback latey, tying many Agent WRs, despite playing on the PAL-system only. He is currently ranked 8th on Agent and 20th overall. Henrik also still contributes to the community by testing out possible strats in doing TAS runs, even finding a more optimal Natalya protection strat on Control among a couple of other interesting/useful things such as a new door warp strategy on Egypt and a new mine throw on Jungle. Henrik is widely regarded as being the best strat-founder in the-elite.

Henrik is a huge Final Fantasy fan and has had a few attempts at speedrunning the game. He has also played The World Is Not Enough, obtaining every World Record on it (!). He also nabbed some pretty good Perfect Dark times such as Defection Agent 0:06 and Maian SOS Agent 1:38. Henrik also competed at Mario Kart 64 back in 2004 - his short career ending immediately after he joined the site at King A.

A keen musician, Henrik plays Guitar, Piano and Drums in two bands. His main group is a melodic death metal band that used to go by the name "Dark Signs". The second group needed a drummer and Henrik jumped in to assist - see links below for a demo of their music. Henrik studied Natural Science and graduated in June 2008.

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