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Shane Garner who is known as Death/Saint Shang on the boards/chat joined the Elite in October 2005. He was a fan of GE and PD who wanted to see if there was a community who followed his love for these games. He saw that there were many players who were way above him in terms of skill, but nevertheless he enjoyed taking part in improving his GE times. His first post was regarding the way he held his controller. Using the d pad rather than the c pad which was an unusual way to play the game. He got into the top 100 for both points and time, but mostly played the Aztec level in GE. He went from 2:12 on 00 agent using a safe method to switching tactics and achieving 1:53 soon after. This was the second best recorded time during that period. He was happy to get the UK record for both secret and 00 agent for Aztec, and equal the Uk record for agent.

Shane was heavily involved in the Euro FV back in the day, coming up with a colour schemed stats method system which he made with the help of Silver Angel. It was during this side competition during the summer contest that he made further improvements for his stats, making the Euro FV more than just a mouse click. It went from being an individual game to an international one, where each person became crucial to gaining points for his/her country. Friendships were formed and much fun was had.

Though he is probably mostly known for his involvement in the Summer contests. In 6 years he achieved 130 vote of the day's, more than anyone else and became a 5 time champion in the process. (yes this is pure ego driven trash I'm writing but it's what each of us would do...admit it :p) Seriously though, he really enjoyed taking part and making the Summer Contest bigger than it was. His aim was to take ordinary people and make them superheros using his votes. Using fantasy, imagination, and creation he took the Elite's contestants into mythical status and beefed them up to make the Contest a more fun experience for those who followed it. His aim was purely to entertain others with his votes and also his desire to win.

In 2006 he used the written form to express his votes and achieved 12 votd's. In 2007 he won 22. A record 30 votd's was gotten in 2008, getting him 3 wins in a row, using his dvolver vids which he used to show his humour and creativity, and also pictures which he used to hype his choice votes into men of colossus status. 2009 saw Shang lose his title to SZ but Shang wasn't as committed and also he had a girlfriend which he was keeping happy. (every sore loser must blame someone else hehe) So upon the loss, Shang made a point of winning back that which he knew was his. 2010 he won 25 votd's, making known that his previous year was a blip on the radar. Entering the 2011 contest, Shang knew that he stood upon the brink of history. The champions of both GE, Perfect Dark, and the Summer Contests had achieved glory by becoming the best and most supported in their own right. He would become a 5 time champion if he won...and win he did. 26 votd's saw him take the title. For him it was better than being in the contest itself, he gained more than he ever could any other way.

His activity waned during the autumn/winter months which no doubt cost him a place in previous summer contests due to not being exposed to people at that time. However, he followed the to-ings and fro-ings of the Elite, knowing that each person added to the community as a whole and being thoroughly entertained over the years by many members.

Outside the Elite, Shang likes to help out his family in any way he can, as he believes in helping the parents out in return for the years they gave to him. He likes to read lots of things ranging from christian theology to nuclear bombs. Writing is a form of expression for him, he wishes he could write the stories in games such as The Elder Scrolls, of which he is a fan of.

He's a weird fellow (but very normal like everyone else if that makes sense) a bit shy but can be confident when he chooses to be. Introverted and likes his own space from time to time, but can also express himself Madonna style ;)

Shane is an easy going guy, easy to talk to. Is very friendly and can get on with many forms of humanity. Upon entering the 2012 Summer Contest, he was both overwhelmed and thankful for becoming part of that which he loved a lot. Gracias amigos!

Shane thinks 2006-7 was one of the best Elite periods,going through golden periods of high quality posts, spam, WR's, PR's and everything in-between.

Probably holds the WR for fastest time in Rome AD 92 for the Amiga, making time savers all over the show. Loves Milla Jovovich, Helen Baxendale, Juliette Lewis, Uma Thurman, women in general, Tom Cruise...hell every punk that walks the earth! I like individuality, though if you're the unfortunate person who i vote against in the contest....know that i don't hate you, cause you are worth more than that! :D

The key to success is to take advantage of the things you're good at and exploit everything from A to Z. When you reach the max of your ability, relish that moment and know that you should be happy with your achievements, whether you be first overall or last. Competitiveness drives our motivation which should make us happy for those who beat us and spur us on to improve ourselves to do better than ever before. Being a sore loser is a learning curve which age itself tames. Accept there are people better than you in different areas of life, but know that you add so much to those who care and that while you may not make headlines, people still know who you are and support and follow you. For those in the Elite who think they don't matter or make an impact, i would like you to change you're perspective and know that you kick ass in your own way! :)

One day i would love to make a Virginia/Euro meet if only to meet some very fantastic gentlemen and enjoy their personalities in their own right.

Thank you to all, i appreciate your time either for votes, response to questions i have made, or just to put up with my newbie ways. Know that i genuinely mean it from my heart in saying well done to all in making the Elite a great place to visit over the years, you are a community that i hope will continue for years to come!

The 2012 Elite Summer Contest
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