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Axel Z

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Axel Z is a Swedish Eliter who joined the community in early 2006. Since joining, he has been one of the league's most dedicated members and most consistent PR-setters.


Axel's consistent dedication to Goldeneye finally saw him reach the Top 10 in August of 2011, more than 5 years after he submitted his first times. He also peaked the very same month: ranked 8th and scoring just above 5300 points on the World Rankings.

Axel achieved 8 WRs in his career and appeared on half of the game's leaderboards*. His best level has traditionally been Aztec. In January 2014, he achieved what was probably his best time in Aztec Agent 1:28, which was the 4th fastest time ever when set.

LTK, DLTK and Turbo

Axel has been active in the GE side-leagues:

In LTK, he is currently ranked as high as 5th and achieved an untied in Aztec 2:15

In Turbo Mode, Axel achieved 3 WRs of which 1 still stands (Runway Agent 0:11).

But he made most impact on the DLTK-rankings where he currently is ranked 11th, has beaten 16 levels and having achieved 14 World Records in the process, 12 of which were untied WRs.

Perfect Dark

Axel submitted his first Perfect Dark times in March of 2010. He achieved a decent amount of times enough to place him as high as 18th on the World Rankings, his point-peak being 4717.

One of Axel's favorite levels used to be Mr. Blonde's Revenge (before Trent came up with the Defection-like strat) and he even managed to secure a leaderboard position (7th, to be exact) on that stage, despite barely being in the Top 100 at the time. On April 28th 2015, Axel obtained his first untied WR in MBR PA 1:22 and was briefly ranked 1st on that stage, having swept it with the-then WRs 1:10/1:13/1:22. Axel also earned himself a sweep on Duel in October 2013 and later appeared on the Escape and Pelagic II leaderboards. Axel considers Extraction, one of his better levels, to be his favorite level in either game.

In PD's LTK Mode, he picked up the Duel, two Mr. Blonde's Revenge UWRs and the Attack Ship WR. In the DLTK mode, he held the untied WR on Mr. Blonde's Revenge for a while with 2:01, 1:53, 1:32 and 1:26 respectively, as well as one tied and two untied records on Air Force One and seven untieds on Escape DLTK.


Axel became the 2nd player in Elite history (only after Bryan Bosshardt) to beat all LTK levels in both games and was the Rare LTK champion for some time. He used to be the only player to have all 123 PRs proven by video and linked to the rankings and has proven virtually all his PRs since 2007.

On the Rare Ranks, Axel is, currently, ranked 16th in points and 11th in time. In October 2014, he became the 8th person ever to get a rare total time below 3 hours.

Other Gaming Contributions

Axel is the pioneer of 100% runs and held the original World Record of 1:23:11 achieved on July 2nd, 2008, years before 100% runs became a phenomenon with Twitch and streams. He was also the first to use the "Depot 00A Pause Strat" which has been used by other players since. One of his last GE PRs, Aztec SA 1:39, saw Axel use the Agent guard lure, another strat first executed by him. It remains the fastest time achieved with a grenade used in the exhaust bay, though other top players has since used a modified strat of the infamous Agent glass lure; Rayan Isran even untied it with 1:34.

Random Facts

Elite Contributions

  • Has pretty much updated every bio on this very site.
  • Axel has, like Elite historian/legend Greg Woll, added and linked loads of videos from other players to the rankings (currently over 5.000) and will continue to do so.
  • Has assisted Greg Woll on numerous issues concerning Quentin Meunier's World Record Database (reporting errors, incorrect dates, editing records etc) all to make Silver Angel's databases as up to date, complete and accurate as possible. In fact, Axel did virtually all the records tracking for the (D)LTK database, and those pages would not exist today if it wasn't for him.
  • Was the host for the Swedish meeting in 2008.
  • Has been a rankings moderator since 2009 (considered by many to be the very best, albeit maybe too good) and was the sole updater of both the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark rankings for more than two years, until the excellence of Your Eliteness launched a completely new, automatic ranking system. Axel resigned as a Proof Moderator in January 2016 (having held that spot for nearly 6.5 years), but remains one of the ranking moderators.
  • Used to run the "Video of the Day"-section on the top of the message boards.

Current Activity

Essentially retired.


Axel enjoys exploring the world. Has so far been to the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy, USA, China (Hong Kong), Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Holland, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Qatar, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Singapore (airport only).

Axel also likes movies, books, sports and has a genuine interest in most topics especially if it's list and/or statistically-oriented. Axel is very much into obscure films from all over the world but is at the same time an huge Bond-fan (having read all the novels) and owns virtually every film on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. His favorite directors are Hitchcock, Kubrick, Renoir, Buñuel, Ford, Bresson etc. He is also an element collector.

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