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Eise Smit

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David Clemens and Eise Smit

Eise Smit was one of the first to join the The Elite, as an existing member of Goldeneye Extreme - the then Goldeneye World Rankings page run by Wes McKinney.


Born 5th of September, 1984 in Oosternieland, the Netherlands. He has two younger sisters and a younger brother.

1.2 Control Style

Eise is credited with being the first person to bring the effectiveness of the 1.2 Control Style to the attention of the community. This occurred soon after he first joined Goldeneye Extreme, as a consequence of his particularly good times (Surface 1 Agent 1:08, Caverns Agent 1:06, Bunker 1 Secret Agent 0:28) leading Wes to believe Eise was lying - because it was unheard of for such a new player to get times like that.

Eise explained that he used "Turok style" controls, which meant 1.2 control style allowing for faster turning and no loss of speed. People were initially very skeptical, reluctant to try 1.2 because they had been playing 1.1 style from the beginning, with and without Cruise Control, and the switch was too big for them. It wasn't until after SnapDragon proved 1.2 was faster and Bryan Bosshardt joined and began to dominate the rankings that many people felt the need to change to keep up.

Gaming Achievements

Eise himself was ranked as high as 9th in the Elite Goldeneye World Rankings. He was also known for being exceptionally good at the Train locks, holding the fastest locks finish for a considerable time. He is also very good at Multiplayer.

In addition to Goldeneye, Eise was a very good Mario Kart 64 player, ranking inside the World Top 100 and owning a Legend D time. He also had many great times on Wave Race 64.

Community meetings

Eise attented the 2009 Goldeneye meeting held in Borås, Sweden, together with Ilari Pekkala, Trent Hovis, Henning Blom, Patrik Nilsson, Marc Rützou, Axel Zakrisson and some of Ilari's friends. He went on to take the Goldeneye tournament by beating Patrik Nilsson in the semi-final and Henning Blom in the final.

In 2011, the current Goldeneye champion David Clemens and Canadian top 20 ranked Alex Anderson decided to take a holiday trip to Sweden together to meet up with some of the Swedish Elite core. Almost all the people from the 2009 meeting were also present at this meeting. David Clemens went on to the take the entire tournament, Patrik Nilsson took second place, Ilari Pekkala third place and last and most certaintly least, Eise Smit clutched a fourth place.

Eise has also invited several Swedish members of the The_Elite to his house for some Goldeneye action. Among those eliters are Ilari Pekkala, Henning Blom, Patrik Nilsson, Axel Zakrisson and Adrian Axelsson.

Outside Gaming

Outside of gaming Eise likes to spend time with his girlfriend, watch movies and jog.

He doesn't like Jim !

Goals in life

  • Become a Oracle system engineer
  • Hike up a mountain
  • Get his motorcycle drivers licence
  • Go to Virginia meeting at least once
  • Go skydiving
  • Bungee Jump
  • Run a half marathon (21 Km)
  • Get 18" arms

Random Facts

  • Is 28 years of age
  • Had long, blonde, wavy hair once.
  • Is 180 cm tall
  • Speaks three languages (Swedish, English and Dutch)
  • Least favorite Goldeneye single player level: Jungle
  • Least favorite Goldeneye multiplayer player level: Egyptian
  • Favorite multiplayer level: Basement, Complex

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