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David Kovaz

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David "DavidK5" Kovaz

David "DavidK5" Kovaz (better known as just DK) is a Perfect Dark player and current wiki administrator who joined The Elite early in 2005.

After achieving Duel Perfect Agent 0:09, David was added to the ranks just within the top 100. In the following months he climbed into the top 50, but then began focusing his efforts almost exclusively on WAR!. After many months and several hundred hours of playing, he managed to obtain all three World Records on that stage (0:25/0:46/0:54). Late in 2007, after spending many more hours trying to untie WAR! PA, David essentially retired from PD competition when Rayan Isran achieved 0:53.

Aside from his Perfect Dark times, David's other gaming accomplishments include speedrun for Breath of Fire III and Cool Boarders 2. Ngamer kindly hosts his ridiculously large BoF3 video files which have been watched by thousands of players. He has also written several game guides and reviews for GameFAQs.

Long after joining the PD ranks, David became a staple in the Elite Chatroom. He has created (or has played a part in creating) countless memes such as stating "OVER" in every Summer Contest Spread Bet, using lobster themed emoticons, claiming his name is "Not BloodE", betting away his entire life savings, announcing "gouals" scored by the Vancouvre Canucks (even when they are not currently playing), and noticing penalties called against the Jacksonville Jaguars that many other fans would ordinarily miss.

In late February 2009, DK visited fellow eliter Ricky "Infil" Pusch in Calgary, Alberta. There they attended two Calgary Flames games, played outdoor ice hockey, and played some poker in addition to many hours of solid gaming. Later that year, DK met eliters Come, Dayle, and QB in Tampa, FL and then met many more eliters at the 2009 Virginia meet. He has since attended the 2010, 2011 and 2012 VA meets.

Outside of chat, DK has recently worked on engaging the-elite in live streaming events such as live speedrun, races, and podcasts. He and Carathorn are the founders and administrators of the-elite's live stream channel on Twitch, and they occasionally do live PD races. DK was also in charge of broadcasting live tournament play from the 2012 Virginia meet. His most recent project was to launch a new podcast with Cara, The DK and Cara Show.

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