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Shawn Johnson

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Le Fanny enjoys shaved ice now and then


Shawn "a fan of the rings" Johnson has always loved and appreciated the skills that it takes to speed-run Goldeneye, dating back to 1999 when he first came to know Goldeneye and this exciting method of gameplay.

He first started speed-running in 1999, after seeing the unbelievable strats used by, then-Champ, Sterling Neblett and other top players like Steven Zwartjes and Wes McKinney. So after quickly rising to renowned fame in his hometown of Spokane, Washington as the "sickest Goldeneye player ever," Shawn started smashing his opponents at multi-player! From 2000-2011, no challenger has ever been able to consistently beat him at multi-player. Eddie Lovins is the only player EVER to have an unquestionable winning record against him and has dominated him!

After around late 2003, Shawn decided to walk away from Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (?). In 2004 when he came to salvation through Christ and spent time growing in relationships with new friends, who he met through his new church and various small study groups, there simply was no time to be wasted on games.

The next four years were pretty inactive as far as gaming goes. But the passion to play never truly died out.


In 2008, after joining the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman Dental Technician and being stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, he once again picked up his Nintendo 64 controller and turned on Goldeneye to see if he still enjoyed playing it. He sure did! After stumbling across and finding the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark chat boards, he was, for the first time ever, in contact with some of the best players the world has ever seen and finally able to actually watch videos of strategies that he could never view before! Give him a break, he was/is poor and never had Internet until only the last couple of years. (<---------LOL.) He was able to get strats and ideas from the likes of such legends as: David Clemens, Bryan Bosshardt, Ryan White, Wouter Jansen, Eddie Lovins, etc. As well as view a vast amount of videos and written strats from several other players. That, in addition to learning the 1.2 controller style, has turned Goldeneye into a whole new game for Shawn and times that he could never believe before, he was actually besting! In these past few years (2008-current), Shawn has climbed over 70 spots on the Worldwide Rankings and currently sits at 11th in the Point Rankings and 9th in the Time Rankings. <3

Shawn was able to meet up with Adam Matis in early 2011. Not having played with exactly the same rules over the past decade, Shawn was bested 15-5. There would be redemption though and the next meeting with Adam ended 4-1 in favor of Shawn. He also split 2 games with GE great Trent Hovis and lost 1-5 to legendary Eddie Lovins. Shawn eagerly awaits rematches against all those great players and his chance to play the Great Jimbo Barrett.


Fast-forward to August 2011. Fanny attended his first (and hopefully not last) Virginia meet and hot-dang was it an amazing experience! Meeting up with so many different Eliters was a blast! Highlights included (but are surely not limited to): Meeting: David Clemens (the then-champ), Bryan Bosshardt (The Boss), Jim Barrett (Teh Jimbo), Paddy Johannessen, Patrik Nilsson (HighScore), Nate Stinson, Tyler Wishall and of course seeing other Eliters that has already been met like Adam and Eddie, playing so much multi, BEATING JIM OUT OF THE GE TOURNEY!, an EPIC match against Bryan Bosshardt, floating on tubes on the lake in the middle of the night chatting about movies with Patrik Nilsson and Michael Gaydeski (and others), tossing the baseball around with Thomas Andrews (The Wiff), and many other such occurrences.

Shawn isn't really known for his amazing skills at Goldeneye among the Elite. He is probably more known his long term dedication. Comparable to Jim Thome in major league baseball, Shawn just keeps on truckin'. He never really came up with any amazing strategies, rather took what greater gamers have done and tried to flatter them by mimicking and respecting what they've done. However, there are a few noteworthy times, including: Dam Secret Agent 1:18, Frigate 00 Agent 1:10, Train Agent 1:04 (sick NTSC PR), Caverns 00 Agent 1:38 (JAP) and few of the more common World Records. He is more known (and no doubt avoided) for his frankness when talking about Jesus Christ. If, at any time, any of the members here at The Elite want to chat with him about Christ, Christianity or what he believes, then Fanny would love it.

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