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Wouter Jansen

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Wouter Jansen
Even more Wouter Jansen
My awesome girlfriend and I =)

Wouter Jansen is the 26th ranked Goldeneye 007 player in the world, though many believe that his rank is not a good representation of how great a player he is, since he achieves practically any WR he tries for, no matter how insane. Wouter has set most of what are generally agreed to be the most insane WRs in GE history. He has been an active player for 6 years, getting at least 1 great untied WR per year. There is no telling when Wouter will strike, but whenever word gets out that he has made a comeback, all Eliters start sweating, waiting for the wrath of Wouter Jansen to hit.

See also Crazy Dutch PR Smash Virus.

Update - In Progress!

Appearantly I'm so popular, I have to take care of my own bio =)

Personal Information

Birthdate:April 27, 1984
Attracted to:Female
Status:I have a wonderful girlfriend ^^

I have a fulltime job as programmer. Monday - Friday; 8:45 AM - 18:15 (travel time included). The rest of the time I can do whatever I want.

My GirlFriend

Her name is Ayu, which is Malaysian for beautiful, and fits her perfectly!
She's on my mind all the time and since I've known her I've come to realize how good life can be :D
There's nothing I would rather do than spend all my time with her!
I've become very emotional and sensitive and I'm not afraid to admit it.
I cherish the miraculous, wonderful moments we have shared.
Schatje, you are the world to me!


  • Currently perfectly happy with my Indonesian girlfriend :D:D:D
  • Music. Favorite artists: Avril Lavigne, Kotoko :D
  • Gaming. You didn't see this one coming!
  • Speedrunning. Even less likely this was known!
  • GoldenEye. Say what?
  • Perfect Dark. We know enough now! ok, I won't mention all other games, these 2 are the main ones I play for records.
  • Mind games. Discussions, programming, etc
  • Collecting videos.
I have huge collections of
Perfect Dark
Speedrun from SDA
Tool-Assisted Sonics from TASVideos
PSketchy2.jpgrn: Don't want/need these anymore
  • Languages. At the moment, Dutch, English, Indonesian, Japanese. Japanese had to make room for my girlfriend, I'm currently following an Indonesian language course :D
  • Movies (list of movies I have seen (certainly not complete though))
  • Pooling
  • Poker
  • Puzzling. Not much lately, but was huge in my early teenage years. I made an incredibly tough to complete puzzle, it even took myself 1 hour to complete.


  • Dedicated / Determined / Persistent

I'm proud to know what I'm shooting for. I always have reasons for the things I do. When I want something bad enough, there's nothing that can change my mind. I'm not afraid to showcase my dreams either, though I may do so with care. With a goal in mind, I will keep going at it till I succeed. Prime examples are in the table below. Most of the time I am really aiching to get a certain record, I will not give the mission a break before reaching my goal, which most likely is my potential at the time. This does not mean I will keep playing non-stop, this means that all the time I spend playing will be spent on the mission I'm shooting for. Only rarely will I give it a break by playing some other mission for a little breather.

RecordApprox. time spent
Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 150 hours
Frigate Agent 0:23 120 hours
Dam Agent 0:53 100 hours
WAR! Agent 0:25 100 hours
  • Funny

This is subjective, but since I'm writing this, it's my call! I'll be fair, I can 'try to be' funny when others don't feel the same. Basically this means that I don't care whether I'm telling the lamest jokes, point is, they're funny if you like dry humor. Nothing is funny to everyone, that doesn't rule out that I have a sense of humor. Besides, I'm very quoteable, maybe I'm just that charming?

  • Honest / Straightforward

It's hard for me to lie about what I think. Ask me something and you'll get an honest answer. I might say it in different ways to disguise how I truly feel and withhold some things to not be offensive, but I just can't lie about it. Of course, there are also plenty of occassions I can tell you the cold hard truth straight in your face, I'm Dutch after all ;)

  • Complex / Intelligent

Many things I say have a lot of meaning behind them. I say them with a reason, a certain goal. I will word things the way I see best fit to steer things into the direction I'm looking for. I usually succeed in finding what I'm looking for. I can often find myself in awkward situations, asking specific questions. The recipient usually doesn't seem to understand why I'm asking and often simply answers without any other thoughts than maybe "vad fan". In the end, however, I got what I was looking for!

  • Sarcastic

Often people ask me questions to which the answers are too obvious in my eyes. In these situations I'm most likely to help the person on his way to the answer, but not by giving the answer! I want these people to give more thought to things, if they care enough they should be able to figure it out with well aimed questions and the answers I give. This way, they might start to understand, become smarter and become less dependant on others. One of the methods to do this is by giving a sarcastic response. This even works for good questions or to be funny.

  • Interesting

I'm not an average guy. At least, that's what most people tell me, even the experts. I've been diagnosed with PPD-NOS, though this was a long time ago. It is a mild form of autism, basically I just have a few 'weird' habits that are similar to some symptoms of autism. I believe it is mostly caused by being bullied a lot the early school periods. I hardly have any friends and still only have a select few. I don't like being in big groups, because I become silent, feeling like if I say anything, they usually don't listen and there are few timespans that even give an opportunity to say something. My self-esteem used to be really bad, but it's been progressing to better proportions lately. I don't drink, smoke, nor do drugs, despite many occassions where I got handed a smoke / joint / drink and just didn't take it anyway. I don't fall for these so called sociality issues - I'd rather be socially incapable than having people require me to ape them. Like me for who I am, it's not my loss if you can't look past me being more resistant to pressure or whatever. If you can cope with me, you'd probably not even notice me being much different than "just another guy".

  • Caring

I suppose it's human nature to care, but the world is too full of evil to portray that. I can seem pretty emotionless on the outside, it's hard to read my appearance and tell how I feel. I could be very happy and have an indifferent face, or very mad / sad and still drawing the same face. I think it comes down to what most people want: I want to be given some attention, the feeling someone cares about me, not being ignored. This opens me up almost infinitely - I can show many signs of emotions all of a sudden and have no problems conversating.



Here I will try to list everyone in this community I appreciate and I think deserves a special mention with the most noteable reasons why. This list is most likely to be incomplete, so do not feel left out when you weren't mentioned (rather, bring it to my attention if it bothers you!).

Incredibly obvious. I often coined him as "a gift to the elite" and he deserves all this credit. He spends a lot of his time just to humiliate the GoldenEye and Perfect Dark missions and has almost instant proof for all of us to enjoy! Only big jealous losers could have trouble with that, being unable to compete at his incredible high level of play. Rather, I would go watch his videos and look for all he does that I could improve on and then make action of it, bettering myself. Besides all the good he does to the records, he is a nice person and probably more mature than several other members I shall not name, that are half his age older.

One of my best GoldenEye buddies, always kept a realistic view on the records and their runs. Can spot improvement on runs most others hilariously call "best wr" or whatever. Also contributed a lot of tricks that helped lower the total time significantly.

Also a great player, always in for a talk, no matter how weird it gets ;]
Initiated the very interesting Dark Licence To Kill league and has since been on top of the league.
Friendly and willing to help, doing so by helping me get a special DVD recorder so I could record NTSC.
Also thanks for the candy!

Every Dual Champion deserves a mention here if not only for being committed to both GoldenEye & Perfect Dark long enough to achieve the most prestigious title around here. A special case here in that to this day we still be chattering GoldenEyelicious. Add to that we are probably more alike than one would guess.

For being awesome. Also pretty skilled player.

Great Super Mario 64 & Mario Kart 64 player with interest for other games as well.

Also for being awesome. Master of his language, made a lot of intelligent posts / writings inclusive of wit and difficult words. Love it. Also responsible for financing our homepage!

Very cool person, initiated TASing GoldenEye and quite good at it too!

Apprentice of Jack, TASing now and then.

TASing Perfect Dark, definitely an important role in this community!

Well, if he decides to defend his position instead of childishly stop caring as soon as he got the treatment I received many years ago.

Great player and great person, suffered the same I did in his quest for WAR! Agent 0:25.

Great Perfect Dark player, helped me get a VCR to record NTSC. Thanks, also for the chocolat! (can I have more? :D)
I coined his nickname "Dwyan" and I'm probably also the only one to use it :p

I bought a number of games (and some other things) on ebay via Thomas, thanks a lot for your generosity!

Having some interests in common; programming, Japanese language.

Thanks a lot for a copy of NTSC PD! Also very nice getting Archives 16 in front of a bunch of eliters!

For helping me get some converter device, which sadly didn't work as intended.

For getting a bunch of my runs online.

Great player, also made some of my runs, cool posts.

For receiving my first proof tape and forwarding it to..

for making videos. Also for always having so much faith in me ;p

  • Everyone I met (see previous section 'Meetings'). All the meetings are wowsome!
  • Everyone who has faith in me!
  • My fans!!


I got my N64 second hand for a cheapo prico around 1997.

This included:

  • 7 games
    • GoldenEye
    • Lylat Wars
    • Mario Kart 64
    • Killer Instinct Gold
    • Pilot Wings
    • Star Fox 64
    • Super Mario 64
  • 2 worn-like controllers

I think that's it. I might be wrong on 1 or 2 games, but there were 7. I've been using the same controller (one of these 2) all the time until around 2008. Since then I've been using a newer one, but is also second hand.

Since then, the following games were added to the own list:

  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Banjo Tooie
  • Diddy Kong Racing
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • Fighting Force 64
  • Gex 64
  • Mega Man 64
  • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
  • Perfect Dark
  • Rayman 2
  • Rush 2
  • South Park ( I was silly for thinking it was the racing game =X )
  • The World Is Not Enough

I possibly forgot some.


Learn how I stepped into the scene

This is it, the game of all games. I blame speedrunning on this game. And bullies that made me shy. What else to do than play with your only friend? It didn't take very long to finish the game, so eventually you find the best replay value factor for the true speedrunner in heart and soul: an integrated timer. Though, give credit to the endscreen; without it we wouldn't be seeing these times! On I went, improving my own times, never ever heard of competition. Using the standard control style (1.1), being slow, I realized I needed to unslow myself. Cruise Control came to life. Many accusations of cheating later, I was added to the ancient, now extinct GE Extreme Rankings. This was intentionally delayed so I wasn't added in the #1 spot, but rather in 2nd place; only 3 points shy from world domination. Premonition declared this was an inevitable event, however. An update later, the new Pwner had overtaken the World of GE. This condition held tight for years to come. The evil emperor kept fighting back after every dethroneage. Until the Boss came by to have a word with him. The malicious ruler was found too inefficient and was stealthily undone of his limelight.

Until around the start of 2004, I used to play quite a lot. Eventually, everyone was sad to see me not living up to expectations any longer. My life gradually became more involved in other obligations. Education started to ask it's toll, and since February 2008, I work a fulltime job. I am perhaps the most committed eliter though, never having let any circumstances hold me back from playing now and then again. No cruel, unfair game obscurances were ever able to stop my determination. Most recently, I played Runway and got the Agent World Record once again. Also, I improved my Runway 00 Agent which makes me 60/60 proven.

Turbo Mode

Speed it up, my lord! about twice the acceleration, Bond-san flies through all the missions trying to locate the sewers for a dump. Where are we going? Domination station of course! Dating back to 2006-2007, I had set my goal to conquer every single Turbo Mode World Record. Follow my progress towards the ultimate 6000 points in this topic. This one-of-its-kind achievement was fulfilled on January 20, 2007.

Licence To Kill

Mostly known as License To Kill, or LTK in short, I've always called it Licence To Kill. It's my trademark. ;]

Every now and then, you want another kind of challenge, exhibiting other skills as well. This results in playing Licence To Kill from time to time. The product of this playing has so far been success in all 20 levels, including several World Records, not shy of Untied ones either. Do not try this at home; in reality, Bond never dies!

Dark Licence To Kill

As the sun got scared, we had other plans. Why not maximize the amount of hits guards will take in their mug? Their everlasting smiles appreciate a good pounding. Moving like a balloon, I managed to finalize a good half of the levels. 10/20 were left untouched.

Soft Licence To Kill

Oh yeah, baby. I always keep to my own naming conventions and I didn't like how "Light Licence To Kill" sounds, so I adapted my own name for it. This is hardly a league worth playing anyway, it's more or less a "what time can I get when I am bulletproof?". Played whenever you want to be done with a level after a single try and when you suck at inserting more than 1 injection into enemies. I have barely participated in any such events.

Strategies & Tricks

I contributed many strategies and tricks, mostly improvements over the early strats, being more daring and offensive.
These strategies were pioneered by me, and the first to implement them in probably all cases.
In most cases it is naturally easiest to watch a corresponding video for the strategy.
I will describe the strategies here or link to them. This section is most likely incomplete and will grow as we remember more or I come up with new stuff ;p

  • Dam 00 Agent
    • Throwing the Covert Modem from the side, inbetween the boxes and the wall of the hut.
    • When in the tunnel, going back up the final tower instead of the first.
  • Facility Dark Licence To Kill
    • Using mines efficiently for sub 3:00
  • Surface 1 Secret Agent / 00 Agent (Turbo Mode)
    • Shooting a grenade at the final shaft for a fast and clean finish.
  • Silo 00 Agent
    • Skipping Body Armor
  • Frigate 00 Agent
  • Surface 2 Secret Agent (Turbo Mode)
    • Throwing the mine earlier for much increased success rate, like in the video.
  • Surface 2 00 Agent
    • Do not change your angle before shooting at first camera, because it's already lined up pretty good.
  • Surface 2 Dark Licence To Kill
    • After getting the key, on your way to the next cabine, shoot near the KF7 guard patrolling near the satellite so he won't annoy you when you return to do the objective in the satellite.
  • Bunker 2 Agent (Turbo Mode)
    • Going left the first after the room with cells, shooting to have the door to CCTV room open, killing the keyguard before getting the CCTV and then heading out.
  • Statue Dark Licence To Kill
    • Leave 006 and the bodyguards by going the middle of the bodyguards, towards 006, finding safety behind the closest wall-like statue as soon as possible.
  • Train Agent
    • First to not free Natalya and still finish the level, idea by ?rdjohnson?
  • Jungle 00 Agent
    • Skipping Body Armor
  • Jungle Licence To Kill
    • More aggressive ending, not taking the longer way, just going up the ladder and keep going.

Perfect Dark

GoldenEye had me stunned for years, when Perfect Dark came out, I knew I had to have it. They are in many ways similar yet they are so different! Every new game I get I have to complete or at least watch it being completed. I did most of the work here myself, but subjected someone else to the task of passing Attack Ship Perfect Agent and unlocking Duel. Perfect Dark does have a different feel to it, even just strafing around felt weird. At the time I was addicted to 1.1 cruise, but this wasn't much of an option for Perfect Dark. Any input from the control stick just before the level has started makes Jo having a standing orgasm for a whole shivering second, which is awkward to avoid using cruise control. I hate this 'feature' worse than the unnecessary waiting time for getting into Bond's watch. Nevertheless, I couldn't abandon the will to rocket through these levels as well. Thus, I adopted the pure 1.1 control style and made good work of it. I got several common World Records and eventually I also got several not so common Untieds. This pile without ties is small enough to list (between brackets the seconds second place is off): Chicago Perfect Agent 0:29 (1), Villa Perfect Agent 1:33 (2), Crash Site Agent 1:17 (1), Pelagic II Agent 0:50 (1), Pelagic II Special Agent 1:49 (2), Maian SOS Special Agent 1:58 (1). Currently I put this game aside after getting to top 10 in both point and time rankings in 2007, simply by targeting Randy Buikema's records (which is still not completely finished). Right now I am most proud of my WAR! Agent 0:25, a record that seems to be optimal and required around 100 hours of labour. Also one of the few Perfect Dark records I have achieved using 1.2 control style, without this change the record is likely to be impossible, or on the very edge thereof, to get 0:25. Also, all my records are under a special time barrier which has its own fanclub.

The World Is Not Enough

Another James Bond game tracking your feet to determine the time of arrival. Much slower than anyone is used to, Bond is slagging his way to Christmas, expecting nice presents. I have also contributed several strategies for this game. Used to have a decent amount of World Records, again including Untieds, but due to smaller attention span committed to this game, they didn't stand the test of time. I did get all 3 0:09s on Courier, an inarguably unbeatable time, the only ones that survived. Still ranked 5th, since 15 others were even less intrigued with this game :p I might still go back to kick this game's balls some Dual Champs later.

Mario Kart 64

Great game to play with friends, almost everyone likes it :] Also a good game for competition, where tied records aren't common. It has a Time Trial mode, so I tried some tracks while the game tracked my tries by saving the 5 best times for each course and its 5 best lap times. First I made work of getting a full set of PAL records. Later, I NTSCified them, not stopping at anything worse than my PAL records' equivalents. I tied my Yoshi Valley course time exactly! (using 1.2024 as conversion rate) as a speedrunner, I am true to the word and care about speed. PAL is slower than its equivalent NTSC times. I don't see them as the same game, because the speed is obviously different. Thus, for joined rankings, I will simply use the fastest system, tough luck for the slower systems. I am against converting times and showing these as Records on rankings, since they are clearly not the times that were gotten. A run takes as long as it takes. If I would ever miraculously have a (NTSC) World Record, and some PAL World Records equivalent would be ranked better than mine, I wouldn't see it as a win over me. Also, there will only ever be a PAL World Record over NTSC if the actual time beats the actual NTSC World Record, which is probably only possible if there were a strategy or glitch that can only be pulled off on PAL and saves enough time to bypass the NTSC mark, or if noone has played NTSC enough to get the World Record to an equal level there.

I don't think my current times are all ranked. I suppose I don't get how the time submitting system works here. I emailed them to whoever they should go, and I think the first time and maybe second too, they got updated after a long period of analyzing, I guess. Besides not being up to date on the rankings, I am probably not up to date with the World Records either. There doesn't seem to be a specific topic for posting World Records on the Mario Kart 64 board and I'm pretty sure the "3 latest WRs" section on is outdated as well. This makes it awkward to stay up to date with the happenings in the world of Mario Kart 64, so I kind of stopped trying.

Donkey Kong 64

Holy big mama, err game. I'm sure it took quite a while to get 101% here. Somehow, I kind of liked this game, despite the length. I wanted to have some video of the whole 101% in case I ever wanted to play again and needed some guidance. Figures, there was no such video. Thus, I decided to go for it myself. It wasn't any serious speedrun attempt, but meant as a guide to look back at. First I went through the whole 101%, wrote down where everything was and made a half-assed path for all the worlds. The next runthrough I recorded everything. The game is so big, and the worst ever for speedrun: it autosaves whenever you pick something up, get a new Banana etc AND you can't copy a file to go back to after you screw up in the other. This means you have to do everything first try, you can't redo parts. Segments are still being used, but merely because the game is too big to play through in one sitting. So I used 9 segments, 1 for each world pretty much. With every segment ranging from 1 to 3ish hours, I used 1 tape for each segment. After a few segments I would go capture the progress and then tape over them for the next segments. Even though I knew the end result could be much better, I still put in a lot of time to make the videos and didn't care enough to speedrun a game with segmentational limitations. For all this work, I felt I should make it public, so others could benefit from it and see the whole game completed. Thus, I submitted it to SDA. It sat there in the queue waiting for victims to proofwatch it. Up stepped I I bored individuals, not expecting this pure torture that resulted in an unstoppable laughing festival. Together, they watched the whole thing OVER A SECOND TIME, to make a special video that would show off all the mishaps and fortunes they had to spent their night with. Everything was played so bad, that it was good. Hysterical laughter all over the world, the video was well received. Got a night to spare and you're up to the superlative of onions? Don't download this too fast!

Thanks to the preparations for this project, I found out that you don't actually have to beat King K. Rool for 101%. I finished 101% in 12:58, but SDA needed the final boss included. 2 attempts failed and the 3rd prevailed. I made a video of the winning match, now finishing at 13:58, exactly 1 hour later. After the 2nd fight, the time was 13:36. I used this special occasion to wait some time and reset every 10ish seconds until the magic numbers appeared. Of course, I celebrated this with an amazing picture.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

This is a decent enough game that I've completed several times. Akin to Donkey Kong 64, there was no speedrun or anything available for it. Thus, again, I decided to take the task upon myself. Luckily, this game only saves when you tell it to, and you can save to memory pack. Also identical to Donkey Kong 64, I wanted to show most of the game by doing 100%. This run I performed much better because I could do more practices for each segment and ecide to keep it or redo it every time. Still I left in quite some suckiness, because, similarity to Donkey Kong 64 seems to be popular: The camera would also make things hard on me. All in all the run was good enough to survive SDA's approval process. At the moment, my run is still up there as the fastest run, but I have taken notice of an improvement of about 30 minutes having been submitted and probably still waiting in the queue.

Diddy Kong Racing

I actually competed a bit on this game, with myself. When I found out that the World Records were much faster, which was obvious due to my game having PAL roots, I stopped bothering and caring. At least I beat the game 100% and got Drumstick and TT.


Probably my 2nd favorite console. I don't play it much at all lately. I'll do my best listing the games I own:

PAL games:

  • ClayFighter
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
  • Double Dragon V
  • International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
  • Killer Instinct
  • Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems
  • Mega Man X
  • Mickey Mania
  • Mr. Nutz
  • Primal Rage
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Super Mario World
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  • Game Genie (much like an Action Replay)

I also have special hardware to play NTSC games by inserting the NTSC cartridge in the top and any PAL cartridge in the back. One day I was very silly and sold some SNES games and I might have sold this thing too, even though I still had NTSC games. I suppose I needed money; I wasn't only very stupid, but also very cheap.

NTSC games:

  • Star Wars
  • Super Street Fighter 2

Cheats, Codes & Tricks

I found several cheats / codes / tricks / glitches in some of the SNES games. The most amazing is, that even to this day, I haven't heard of anyone else knowing about these, even though I tried to get it under attention.

The biggest tricks are explained on this page or this one if you like yellow background.

Seriously, the 2 games mentioned on the page are awesome and really worth checking these tricks out for. Though I have to say they were done on a PAL console, I really don't know if these apply to any other system.

On Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the pause trick could cause many glitches, like gold characters and other graphical bugs. However, most of them weren't too consistent to do, so I guess that's why I didn't explain them on the page.

Excuse me for a huge lack of paragraphs and design there, it's a very old page and I suck at handling design, evidenced by this bio ;)


Sent Tapes

I've sent a number of tapes in my early carreer to prove myself to the community. I had already gained a lot of trust from most members due to my knowledge of the game. But caring about proof maybe too much myself, obviously I could not withhold my tapes from the outer world. In the beginning I only had a VCR to record my runs. With help of a teacher, I was able to get a few runs online. People still kept on disbelieving me, even when my videos helped them lower their times. But no matter how negative they were, I had my mind set and just dealt with them. Eventually I actually sent out some tapes to reliable others. First I sent to Tim Greneby, and he sent to Wes, being unable to capture my runs himself. The package contained runs that had been questioned for a while. Some time later I sent to Karl. He captured some of my runs in RealMedia format. Finally I sent quite a bunch to Matthijs ten Ham; a fellow dutch, top ranked GE player. He didn't have a capture card, thus he used a webcam to get my runs online. This ended pretty much all discussion there ever was about doubts towards me. Eventually I got my own webcam, and later my own (cheap) capture card and made everything myself.

Crazy about Proof

Along the way I've become a very trustworthy eliter. I wasn't a special proof moderator, but I still got several proof tapes sent my way. I was known for making videos of almost everything you could think of, every completion up till a certain time limit where I considered it too bad unless something cool happened during the run. Thus, everyone who sent their proof to me, could be sure of getting everything worthwhile made. Also, I've always been paying good attention to the quality of videos. even to this day, I'm not 100% satisfied with my current recordings, but it's definitely a lot better than what they used to be. Back then however, I did not have a DVD recorder yet. I always checked a lot of things to make sure they were up to par. I even made many captures for many runs where the results didn't meet my needs, as long as was need till I liked it or chose the best after being driven mad. I'm also good with computers and finding out how to make things work, yet despite this, it was still difficult to make NTSC videos of quality. First there was the problem of my VCR not being NTSC compatible and captures were in black & white with lines crossing the screen. To solve this, I got an NTSC compatible VCR with the help of Ryan Dwyer. Finally I could record NTSC in colour. Problem now was limited VirtualDub capabilities. The actual format of the VCR recording wasn't NTSC, but a middle-way, PAL60. I could either choose for black & white video in NTSC format, or the top of the video being repeated on the bottom, because of too many lines. PAL exists of 625 lines whereas NTSC has 525. The colours are different. The framerate is 25 fps on PAL vs 30 fps (rounded) on NTSC. PAL60 mixes these to NTSC colours, 625 lines, 30 fps. Thus, the lines still differ from the NTSC format. Therefor, there are 100 lines more, which causes the top 100 lines being repeated there. There was a solution to hook my N64 up to the computer and record it live in true NTSC format, but this caused extra lag and worse quality of play. Around this time, people started using DVD recorders and it came to my attention that some PAL players were capable of making good NTSC videos as a result of that. Naturally, I also decided to get myself one. With Ilari's help, I got a DVD recorder. Sadly, it died after about 1 year of usage. Not much later, I got lucky looking for a new one in town. The Netherlands truly have a huge lack of NTSC compatible devices, but I found a cheap one which happened to be on sale. I asked the salesman for its features and made sure it could record NTSC. It was almost too good to be true, but it worked! I upgraded the software and haven't had many issues with it yet. Sometimes it freezes (not during play), but off electricity and back on has so far solved it every time. The only discrepancy now is opening the DVD slider when there's no DVD inside. It won't open by itself, so I have to push it in and up a bit to make it come out. With help of my selfmade 'renamer' program, I make batch files that encode the ripped videos.

Received Tapes

  • Bryan Bosshardt

Stacked a pile of tapes for like a year, I got to capture 10 tapes, most of them being 6 hour compilation tapes. A ton of GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, TWINE runs, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Super Metroid and more. This huge project took me half a year to complete!

  • Brandon Sanford

2 fully packed compilation tapes, also good for a long time of capturing.

  • Jean-François Dubreuil & Philippe Leclerc

These Canadians are NTSC, and gave me a lot of capturing trouble, settled with subpar quality videos at first. Remade them all later, but I'm still not really satisfied.

  • Vitor Miranda

Brazilian, thus NTSC, also caused capturing problems, same as previous.

  • Anaël Raffin

A tape mostly consisting of unfamiliar game(s) to me.

  • Michael Cunningham

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha run.


WouterJ007 (23:09:53): I want a Japanese slut to do me and whisper me dirty words so I can learn and enjoy Sketchy2.jpg
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it's not like we need David when we have Rayan...

Well, when you don't use best strat, the WR can't really be considered insane even when execution is perfect.

obviously you're talking in NTSC-language, so I need not respond

I did it in 1:19 with controller style 1.1.
I don't think it matters much.

Go for untied.

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Wouter; top lez whore

we'll see who's first by the end of our lives

If you can't take it that your times suck, why not improve them? And why improve them, if you think they don't suck?

Holy Flying Lesbians.

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