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Alex Penev

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Alex Penev

Alex Penev is an all-round gamer and admin in the kart community. He was voted 'most popular' in the inaugural Karter Contest (2004), came runner-up in the second edition (2006), and won again in the third contest (2008).

A former Mario Kart 64 world champion on both the Non-Shortcut and Shortcut rankings, Alex never officially retired despite having been inactive since 2001. At his peak he was the top Combined player for several consecutive years. He is perhaps best known for his shortcut skills, strategy optimisations, and for holding several particularly long-standing records---most notably CM flap, which stood for 5 years, and the LR and CM shortcuts, which were eventually beaten with newly discovered shortcuts.

Alex was briefly champion in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in early 2004 and held the lead for 4 months. He retired from the game in July 2004 but remained involved with the site ever since then for administrative duties. He also briefly competed in Mario Kart Wii in 2008, near the end of the game's first year of competition, where he played only a dozen tracks but improved the lap records on most and temporarily held the course record on MG after finding and revealing a major improvement to the shortcut.

Outside the Mario Kart series, Alex is a veteran of N64HS and Cyberscore. He has held records in many games in the Mario series, Zelda series, Donkey Kong series and Pokémon Snap. Outside of high-score competition, Alex has given back to the community by creating the backends and front-ends for several of the websites. In more current roles, he is a site and forum admin, but rumour has it that he has other secret powers.

Personal quotes include "chown -R me ~you/base*" (all your base are belong to me), and " queue jumping" (in response to "I want your babies!").

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