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Marcus Dolejsi

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Marcus Dolejsi (or maybe his brother)

Marcus "Sucram" Dolejsi's long, strange Perfect Dark history began in May of 2000, when he was the 26th player to join the Perfect Dark Elite.

Though many talented players had entered the rankings before him (such as Sterling Neblett, Infil, and DarkHawk), Sucram was the first in history to come into the league with an impressive set of times already in place. By the end of the Summer he had climbed into 5th place in the Perfect Dark rankings, a spot that he would manage to hold for over two years. His constant PRs earned him both a record number of POM mentions and the title of PD's "Mr. Consistency", leading to a peak of third place in early 2002.

Sucram's greatest accomplishments were undoubtedly his untouchable Defection World Records (:37 SA/1:23 PA), set in early 2002. His greatest downfall, however, was his failure to tape those record-setting runs, a decision that sparked the largest controversy in Perfect Dark history. This long-running Defection debate not only tarnished Sucram's Elite reputation, it also spearheaded the development of an official Elite Proof Policy to put a halt to what was threatening to become a recurring problem.

Since his retirement from Perfect Dark, Sucram (like fellow legends Disco, marsh, and Paragon) has gone on to become an excellent CounterStrike player. He returns to the Elite each year alongside his brother Mikers to compete in NFL and March Madness prediction contests.

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