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Diogo Azevedo Pinto

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Diogo Azevedo Pinto

Diogo Azevedo Pinto (better known as Nari, short for Narigutita or Nari tha machine) is one of the most talented gamers that The Elite has seen. He has made a considerable impact on the gaming community, both in his home country of Brazil and worldwide and is perhaps best known in the Elite for his contribution to Perfect Dark.

Early Years

Nari was initially a terrible Perfect Dark player. He discovered the site in 2002 whilst searching for hints on beating Crash Site PA. It was here he met Brazilian gaming pioneer Vitor 'GregK' Miranda, who had a walkthrough posted on the site. Vitor explained to Nari that he sucked because he couldnt finish the game. Thereafter he discovered The Elite and attended a Brazilian Elite meeting where he lost only to Vitor, who at this point had ability that was a long way ahead of his fellow countrymen.

Elite Achievements

Nari went on to reach the Top Twenty in Perfect Dark in early 2005 and has since become one of the leaders of the Brazilian Elite and a consistent contributor on the Elite boards.

He produced a huge guide of all possible situations in Challenge 30 and participated in some epic shutout matches (56-0 two-player with Vitor, 31-0 four-player).

Nari's final World Record was achieved in the middle of an otherwise gruelling schedule. For two weeks he woke up at 4am to go to the army until 6pm, attending class immediately afterwards until 11pm and then returning home to start playing PD at midnight until 2am. The product of this was Investigation SA 2:11.

Other Gaming Accomplishments

Nari played a lot Super Smash Bros, going undefeated in Brazil with Chuck L (Bruno Teixeira) and was highly ranked on N64HS. He was an exceptional Ocarina of Time player and has mad 700hour Final Fantasy 8 and 400 hour Final Fantasy Tactics saves.

During a break from playing Perfect Dark he won the Brazilian Team Fortress Classic Championship twice with Vitor in 2004 and 2005. He has also played CS (2003 State Champ) and CZ and is widely considered the best multiplayer gamer in Brazil.

Life outside Gaming

In 2006 Nari joined the army as an artillery calculator. During his time there he won several awards, including the Praça Mais Distinta and was promoted to Military and Academic Instructor. He is currently 2 months into studying at Military Police Academy PREP and in his third year of Economics College.

He was drummer/vocalist in three music groups - a power metal band, punk rock band and a Slipknot cover band. Despite his 1.70m height, he was a kick ass mosher! He refuses to listen to music lighter than Hatebreed, Icepick, Children of Bodom, Slipknot etc.

Despite a 13 year education at a Catholic school he is a strong atheist. He has been dating a professional ballerina for six months, enjoys 10km distance running and doesnt like big parties!

You'll be pleased to hear that Nari does sleep a bit more now, in fact he gets a good 5 hours a night!


The nick Narigutita originated from Nari's first highschool year. When he was singing with the Slipknot band his voice got wrecked and he was permanently left with a very gay voice. His friends said it was similar to Manuelita, a cartoon turtle, and mixed it in with his big nose (Nariz in Portuguese) to create the hybrid nickname Narigutita.

Nari tha machine came after the army. Pumping himself up with like 9 hard activities a day - gym, college, work, boxing, long runs etc - sleeping 2 hours a day, his cousin started calling him Nari the machine. This evolved slightly when one night watching a boxing match, a guy shouted out (like Rocky V) TOMMY THA MACHIIINE GUN. Everyone started saying tha and hence Nari thaaaaaaaa machiiiine. True story.

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