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Matt Hedding

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Matt "matt8000" Hedding is a Goldeneye player, who joined The Elite in the winter of early 2005.

The Elite

Matt regularly checks in to The Elite Boards, and is a regular participant in Elite Sporting Pick'em competitions. Whilst he has not had much success overall, he is renowned for making some fairly crazy selections that have resulted in some very high short-term performances. Despite knowing very little about American football, his adopted team is the Philadelphia Sea Eagles. Although more than a year after jumping on their bandwagon, he is still yet to learn the finer points of the game.

Most recently he has been assisting the Elite Puzzle Hunt team by collecting prizemoney and performing reconnaissance missions from 2009 to present. His puzzle solving abilities however, still need some work.

Summer Contest

Matt made his first and only appearance in a Summer contest in 2008 where he was promptly sent packing in the first round with a total of 2 (much appreciated) votes.


Matt is on the Goldeneye & Perfect Dark rankings, though has put very little time into speedrunning the latter. He holds only one common world record, Duel 0:03.
Though he generally prefers console FPSs, his favourite game is LoZ: Ocarina of Time.


In his time, Matt has produced some respectable Goldeneye and Perfect Dark times and is a member of the modern Noob Rivalry along with several other nooblets.
His times ranking for GE peaked at just inside the top 150 in 2006, and has been gradually dropping ever since.
Matt has mainly played focussing on Total Time, rather than points, and has a long term goal of taking back a place in the top 150 of the time rankings - hopefully above Jon Barber.

Random Facts

  • The custom title "Whatever" below Matt's username in the forums was created as a result of this topic.
  • Matt regards his biggest GE achievement to date is Silo SA 1:52.
  • His highly original screenname was created after his first post in the Elite Forums - when he realised that his existing pseudonym was very similar to another member of the community.

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