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Luke Szklarz

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Luke aka "homeonice"

Luke (aka "homeonice") is mowing Wouter Jansen's lawn this Summer.

On a more serious note, it should be noted that Luke is a pretty good Goldeneye player too, achieving 8 World Records in his first period of activity of which 2 still stand: Dam Agent 0:53 (PAL) and Archives Agent 0:16, Other noteworthy times include Caverns Agent 1:03 (negative boost ratio), Caverns Secret Agent 1:23, Depot Secret Agent 0:43 (untied PAL record) and Depot 00 Agent 0:51 (soon to be 0:50).

Luke is musically and artistically inclined, often posting on the-elite boards and sharing notable facts and figures. He is half-way through studying Architecture in Western Australia and divides his time between his studies, playing/listening to music, sleeping, skateboarding, breaking bones, and gaming. His favorite game ever is Deus Ex. Durkie rules.

Luke was almost completely absent for many, many years as far as competetive Goldeneye goes, but eventually returned to activity in November 2012 after witnessing other eliters streaming Goldeneye on twitch. Luke immediately set up his own, now very popular, twitch channel and began to improve most of his old PRs. Having fallen to a position in the 70s on the rankings, Luke would start playing all the levels he had N/A on earlier which resulted in eventually reaching the prestigious Top 10 several months later. Along the way Luke achieved many very impressive times/WRs such as Surface 1 Agent 1:02, Archives SA/00A 0:54, Runway Agent 0:22 (already considered a classic), Bunker 2 Agent 0:24, Surface 1 SA 1:49, Caverns Agent 1:02 and Bunker 2 00A 0:57.

Luke achieved several untied PAL records during his career, and finally obtained an untied WR in Caverns SA 1:16 in April 2014, even though it was quickly tied and beaten. Luke is the Caverns SA strat master and his cardless objective C-strat has so far helped lowering the total time by 5 seconds.

Luke is currently ranked 3rd and is holding 11 WRs. His best times include Aztec 00A 1:35 and Bunker 2 Agent 0:23. You'll usually find him chatting in different streams on twitch when he isn't streaming himself.

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