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Patrik Nilsson

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Patrik "HighScore80" Nilsson

Patrik "PerfectTaste" Nilsson is a Swedish Eliter who has been an active member of the community since 2001.

Currently Patrik holds a position just outside the top 30 on the Goldeneye World Rankings, but has been ranked as high as 24th and has tied 12 World Records in his career. He particularly made a lot of noise when he tied Ryan White's untied world record, Surface 2 Agent 0:51, causing many players to realize that the record was very weak, and nine different players quickly matched it. What other players most appreciate though, is that every one of Patrik's PR's in the past several years has been instantly proven.

Outside of Goldeneye, Patrik has shown himself to be a well-rounded gamer with successful results in every Swedish Nintendo Championship between 2001 and 2006, including making the Finals in '03 and '06. As of late 2013 Patrik is the current world champion of the Rareware game “Mickey Speedway USA” with 23 out of 42 world records. During the summer of 2012 Patrik nailed a World Record live in the NLG Exhibition streaming marathon.

In the area of non-Nintendo gaming, Patrik also has a flair for music games, where he at one point contended in the EuroCup in dancing games “In The Groove”/”Dance Dance Revolution” despite having practiced for only half a year. Though his foot speed is fast, his hands are even faster. Patrik used to be one of the faster StepMania-players in the world at the peak of his career, utilizing a kind of vibrating technique that made it possible for him to hit jackhammers at over 200bpm of 16th notes with ease. Nowadays Patrik still plays StepMania, but he prefers to play with only his index fingers, where he sometimes reaches speeds up to 250+ bpm 16ths with great accuracy.

Patrik has been traveling the world to see Eliters in the Netherlands, USA, Norway, Sweden and Australia, having met up with more Eliters than any other Eliter, more than 50 in total. Patrik organized a meeting between the Swedish Eliters during summer 2007. Axel Zakrisson, Henning Blom and Ilari Pekkala came to this meeting. In 2008 Patrik met up with Axel Zakrisson, Jim Söderlund, Henning Blom, Axel Andersson and Ilari Pekkala on the second Swedish meeting hosted by Axel Zakrisson. The unofficial Swedish Championship was held there, which Patrik won against Ilari Pekkala in the finals.

Patrik was also one of the three attending players from Europe during the Virginia Meeting 2008. In Virginia he made a name for himself by bonding with a lot of Eliters, showing off some quality gaming skills and also surprising people by winning the GoldenEye tournament. The following year, 2009, Patrik returned to Virginia to defend his title, and again won the tournament. Patrik has since finished with constant high rankings in just about every GoldenEye tournament. Patrik has since also won the unofficial European tournament at the NLG Exhibition 2012.

Patrik sent Rayan Isran an NTSC copy of Goldeneye contributing to him getting many WR's, including Streets 00A 1:55, Bunker 2 SA 0:46, Silo 1:02/1:10/1:23 and Control 3:59/4:07/4:11.

Patrik was the first to discover that most body armors in the Japanese version of GoldenEye are available in 00 Agent. Although not very helpful time-wise, a level like Caverns becomes significantly easier to live on SA and especially on 00 Agent. The Japanese version is also the version most top players prefer when speedrunning single-segment runs and is generally considered to be the definitive version at attempting all kind of segmented runs, including 100% runs.

When not gaming, Patrik is trained Sommelier having graduated from one of the most prestige culinary schools in Europe with a Bachelor’s in Culinary Art and Meal Science. He’s also certified with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. By a calibrated and used palate Patrik has gained interests in other beverages than just wine, such as beer, tea and coffee. Within this field Patrik has won several awards, including Best Coffee Taster in Sweden 2014, Swedish Championships in Spanish Wine Knowledge 2013, Rioja Sommelier Awards 2012 and Robert Mondavi Diploma 2013. Patrik finished 7th out of 38 contenders in the World Championship of Coffee Tasting in May of 2014.

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