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Jimmy Bauer

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Jimmy Bauer

Jimmy Bauer is a fast rising new player on the Goldeneye World Ranks. He is one of few whose first ever board post was in the World Record topic, something he did in January 2006. Ever since, he has been one of the most active new Goldeneye players attaining many World Records such as Statue SA/00A 2:19, along with being the first player to legitimately fail Archives 0:54.

Although Jimmy seems to take a break from GE every now and then for at least a few months, he has always returned in great fashion, almost always achieving at least one World Record when doing so. Jimmy's greatest moment was in November 2012 when he untied Statue SA with 2:18, quieting every one that often liked to point out the fact that Jimmy, despite his very high rank, never held an untied WR. What's more impressive is that Jimmy got 2:18 BEFORE Marc Rützou found a slightly faster route on the stage which made it a bit easier for Marc to subsequently tie Jimmy's 2:18 untied.

Jimmy is currently ranked 8th on the Goldeneye World Rankings. His honesty was never questioned, as Jimmy provided proof for virtually every single one of his posted times. Still having a few comparatively weak PRs, many think Jimmy could challenge the Top 5 when improving his underplayed levels.

Jimmy has also obtained a few WRs in Perfect Dark, notably Chicago Agent 0:15 and Defection Agent 0:06.

Jimmy loves the Guitar Hero, Zelda, Mario and Final Fantasy Series, listing Ocarina of Time as his favourite game ever.

He also enjoys following NASCAR, attending the Chicagoland Speedway event every year, and listening to heavy metal music.

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