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Ryan Dwyer

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Ryan "Your Eliteness" Dwyer

Ryan joined The Elite in January 2003, debuting on the Perfect Dark rankings with a rank of 167. Throughout 2003, Ryan played Perfect Dark continuously, working his way up the rankings before overthrowing Karl for the championship in December that year. Ryan continued playing through 2004 and 2005.

Ryan bought a tuner card solely so he could make videos for The Elite. He's accepted tapes from other players and captured them. This includes players from the TS2 and MK64 communities. Ryan has performed acts of kindness towards other Elite members, including buying a VCR and mailing it to Wouter and buying a PAL N64 and mailing it to Shade.

In May 2005, Bryan Youse gave up the task of updating the Perfect Dark and GoldenEye rankings. Ryan's experience in computers and programming, combined with his reliability and troubleshooting skills made him the perfect candidate for the Elite's updater. He consequently took over the reigns, updating ritually twice a week and fixing rankings issues until January 1 2008 when he was succeeded by Octo.

In late 2011, Ryan decided to invest his time in creating a new rankings system for The Elite. It was kept a secret from the community and only revealed to a few staff members for ideas and feedback. Ryan spent almost every weeknight and weekend working on the rankings for two months before launching them publicly in December 2011. Ryan continues to improve the rankings, adding new features at the request of community members.

In 2012, Ryan discovered a way to skip the lasers on Investigation and posted it on the forums. This is considered the "holy grail" of Perfect Dark strategies. Laser skipping has been discussed ever since the early days in 2000.

Ryan continues to monitor the forums, implement rankings features and provide assistance to The Elite members.

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