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Hugo (better known as Cara) has been a member of The Elite since 2005. Within The Elite, Cara fulfills the roles of moderator on the Perfect Dark Boards and General Chat boards, he is an initiator and member of the Elite Council, Host and director of The DK and Cara Show and PD proof moderator. Being one of the creative strongholds within the community, He helps out a variety of Eliters with his skills as a songwriter/producer, such as editing The DK and Comet Show in the past, providing musical scores for his summer contest adventures (such as the well known Cara Cara Samba) and producing beats and songs for other eliters such as Goose. Together with his good friend DK, he introduced The Elite to streaming on twitch, helping out Eliters setting up their stream to become popular speedrunners on SpeedrunLive. Hugo is currently ranked inside the top 20 on the Perfect Dark World Rankings.

Cara and The Elite

Joining the community

After observing The Elite since 2001, Hugo first decided to join the community in April 2005 as Hugo Boss. Inspired by Marshmallows times and video's back then, Hugo started speedrunning himself. In October 2006 he changed his screenname to Carathorn and has used that screenname for every game he played ever since. Around 2007, Hugo entered the top 100 on both points and time rankings.

Elite Activities and Gaming Bio

Within The Elite, Cara fulfills the roles of moderator on the Perfect Dark Boards and General Chat boards, he is an initiator and member of the Elite Council, Host and director of the DK and Cara Show and PD proof moderator. Hugo gladly participates in all sorts of Elite activities such as First Vote, KotH, The DK & Comet Show etc. Anything as long as it doesn't involve POKER PREDS MYBRUTE UFC NFL NHL.
As of 2013, Hugo is currently ranked 18th in Point rankings and 19th Time on the Perfect Dark Rankings. Over the years, he managed to tie a total of 6 World Records. He still plays occasionally and streams on his Twitch Channel.

Hugo is passionate about social gaming. He rarely plays games these days that don't involve social interaction with his friends, hence the drop in activity for solo speedrunning Perfect Dark. Other series or games he enjoys/enjoyed playing include: Heroes of Might and Magic series, Civilization series, The Elder Scrolls series, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead series, Minesweeper, Borderlands, Anno series, Mario titles, Diddy Kong Racing, World of Warcraft, Topspin series and more.

Personal Life

Hugo was born and raised in The Netherlands, currently residing in Haarlem, which is very close to Amsterdam. Besides still being a student, Hugo has a teamleading job at the biggest electronics store in the country to pay the bills. He is also a songwriter, producer and artist, but having decided to finish his study first, Hugo has put a hold on his musical carreer until he has his degree. He has been friends for over 10 years with Eliter Red Bull, having grown up in the same town, they still hang out together and do fitness twice a week. Other Eliters Hugo has met in real life are:

  • Adam D - who he met up with three times, meeting highlights include showing him the city of Haarlem and Amsterdam, ending up in a bar at someone's birthday, visiting the Vomar grocery store and watching speedruntrainer's GTA video's.
  • Patrik Nilsson - same amount of times met, highlights include epic Mario Tennis matches, Patrik's comeback in a GE match when he was down 0-9 after he realised he was intoxicated only to have him lose a match against me. He still ended up winning 10-9.
  • Luke S - met him during his quick visit to The Netherlands. Spent a good afternoon in a bar over some beers and food. Highlights? Me telling him Defection 0:05 was achieved and Luke lost his mind.

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