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The Elite

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The Elite

The Elite is the home to speedrun competition for GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark.

The Elite was originally The Perfect Dark Elite, founded on July 5, 2000 by Jon Barber after the North American release of Perfect Dark. Its seven founding members were Barber, Jonas McCammon, Matthew Yakobina, "RaydenEG", Derek Kisman, Chris Rayola and Ben Gorman.

The PDE merged with the GoldenEye Elite in 2002 with the landmark purchase of a dedicated Elite domain name, (sometimes abbreviated as "t-e.n") by Derek Clark.

Notable members of the Elite can be found under Category:Eliters.

Pages on Speedrunwiki relating to the Elite, including Contest info, can be found under Category:The Elite.


Current staff members of the Elite:

Derek Clark - Webmaster (April 2002-present)
Jon Barber - Site Administrator and Historian (April 2002-present)
Ryan Dwyer - Rankings Moderator and Technical Support(May 2005-present)
Phil McCanna - Rankings Moderator and Cool Guy (December 2007-present)
Steve Bryze - Forum Administrator (February 2006-present)
Matthijs ten Ham - European Moderator/Multimedia Manager (July 2002-present)
Tim Dubovsky - NGC-Elites Manager (October 2006-present)
Max Bout - Perfect Dark News Reporter (December 2007-present)
Jack Wedge - Goldeneye News Reporter (January 2008-present)
Tyler Wishall - Rankings Moderator (December 2008-present)
Axel Zakrisson - Rankings Moderator (August 2009-present)

Past staff members of the Elite:

Derek Kisman - Rankings Moderator (June 2000-September 2001)
Ben Gorman - Rankings Moderator (September 2001-April 2002)
Greg Lavery - Rankings Moderator (April 2002-August 2002)
Bryan Youse - Rankings Moderator (August 2002-February 2006)
Wouter Jansen - Rankings Moderator (August 2008 - December 2008)
Karl Jobst - Australian Moderator (November 2002-July 2004)
Breck Fresen - Multimedia Specialist (August 2002-March 2004)

History of the Perfect Dark Elite

This synopsis was originally posted on September 4, 2000 by Ngamer:

The first ever real competition of the "Elite" was when a new poster named RaydenEG posted on the Pdark Leagues forum that he couldn't get the cheat for Infiltration SA. I replied a few hours later with a complete strat for it, and Yako replied by saying I was "crazy" in thinking that you could get by the 3rd auto-gun with enough health left. By the end of the day it had become a 3-way competition to see who could get the best time for the level. After about 4 days, we gave up, and I think that Rayden had the WR with a 2:19.

Then a cocky poster know as PerfectLight busted in said that he would like to compete, but on a different level than Infiltration. This eventually turned into a competition on Attack Ship SA, where PL came out on top. About a week later, another cocky young man know to us only as "SnapDragon" came on to the scene, and immediately impressed me in the first levels he competed on.

Eventually I came up with my own webpage that contained all of my times. Soon everyone was making their own page. I believe it was Snap who in a post before he left on vacation said "Good luck on your times everyone. Yako, Rayden, Ngamer, you guys are more than elite." Which gave me the idea that we should all link to each other's pages, to form a kind of big webring, and call ourselves the "Perfect Dark Elite". When PDark went down the next week, Snap created the system, the page, and the first rankings for the PD Elite. I was on vacation at the time, but when I came back and took the link to the page from a E-mail Snap sent out, I think my first impression was

"Holy crap! This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

For more information, visit The History of the PDE.

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