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Tim Dubovsky

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Tim "Silent Thunder" Dubovsky

Tim "Silent Thunder" Dubovsky joined The Elite in early 2003.

Tim initially played Goldeneye, peaking at 32nd in points and achieving 4 World Records along the way. He also briefly tried his hand at Perfect Dark, but it was in other areas that his greatest successes would come.



In July/August of 2003, Tim turned his attention to the original TimeSplitters. At the time, only a small rankings page for the game was in place, with under 5 players actively competing, and with under 10 people total on the ranks. However two of those active players were the top two players in TimeSplitters 2. Despite this drawback, Tim found some success and was able to set quite a few World Records, eventually finding his way to the top of the Original TimeSplitters Rankings. Some of his records include a 44.8/44.8/44.9 sweep on Spaceways, Don't Wait Around 50.4, Barrel Blast 3:15.7, and Dusk of the Dead 5,507,686. He has several videos available for the game.

TimeSplitters 2

Encouraged by his success with the original TimeSplitters, Tim obtained a copy of TimeSplitters 2 and joined the TS2 rankings at NGC-Elites in late October of 2003. It was here that he found his place in speedrunning, quickly moving up the leaderboard and today is ranked second on the Timesplitters 2 Elite Rankings. He has set several impressive World Records along the way, including Silent but Deadly 26.5, Station Stand 2:10.4, Playing With Fire 8.6, Bricking It 15.6, and Sergio's Last Stand 4,001,450. Tim is also well know for his proof of TS2 times and scores and has a video for all 71 stages.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

In March 2005 TimeSplitters: Future Perfect was released and Tim was a major player in its early days, reaching the top spot on the rankings on NGC-Elites several times. He also helped in strat creation early on, and released some of the first videos for the game. Right now he is ranked 3rd at the Timesplitters Future Perfect Elite Rankings.

Currently Tim is semi-retired from the Timesplitters series, playing only occasionally if a new strategy or glitch is found.

Other Games

Katamari Series

In late 2006 Tim began to focus on the original Katamari Damacy and later the sequel, We Love Katamari. He set several new records for the original and at one point held over 40 of the 59 records tracked at Tim also currently holds 16 records on We Love Katamari and is 3rd overall at Cyberscore.

Rock Band

Currently, Tim is focusing on the PS2 version of Rock Band. He is 1st across all systems on Drums Easy at, holds 1st for Drums Medium on the PS2 (3rd-ish overall) and would be in 8th place for Drums Hard PS2 if he would ever submit all of his scores.

Contributions to the Community

Tim has made several important contributions to various gaming communities. These include updating GE Strats Central, writing The Elite Times, moderating the Scopinfo forums and acting as one of the administrators of SpeedRunWiki, representing NGC-Elites.

He dislikes Kroger and Frigate.

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