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BloodE sails the high seas

BloodE is a member of the Elite who lives in Scotland. Oddly enough, this doesn't stop him from not wanting anyone to know he is from Scotland and he is a member of the Elite.

BloodE was born in England and still considers himself British. The turning point of his life came in mid-2002, when he discovered the and the speedrunning community that surrounded it. Although Blood never made a major impact in the Perfect Dark or Goldeneye rankings (probably because, much like 80% of the sites he signs up for, he was soon banned from the ranks), he had already become a legendary figure in the Elite's Chatroom by 2003. Though many Chat users have had more to say than Blood, few (if any!) have ever said more. The highwater mark of BloodE's competitive Elite career was winning the month-long European King of the Hill competition in 2006, where he defeated French trivia mastermind Wabs by a single point. The highlight of his entire life was making enough contributions to earn fellow Eliter SamSim an account on LUElinks. However his number one highlight as a gamer undoubtedly came in 2011 when Blood achieved the status of "Golden God" at his favorite game, Super Meat Boy.

These days you will mostly find BloodE posting or browsing the board at LUElinks, spreading the word about how great his favorite movie ever (The Godfather) is, or playing the occasional game of Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike on steam. He can be reached on AIM by contacting HistoricToast, but be careful never to bring up his name or current location, or he will drown you out with Beatles lyrics.

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