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Adam Bozon

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Adam Bozon started speedrunning on GoldenEye in January 2006 after finding videos of Bryan Bosshardt's Dam Agent 0:53 and Ilari Pekkala's Aztec 00 Agent 1:54 on the Internet. He had done some speedrunning back in 1999 but never had access to videos or world record strats so his times weren't very good. All he had to compete against were PRs that other people, such as Elite members Matthijs ten Ham and Steven Zwartjes, had sent in to Nintendo 64 magazines.

Later in 2006, Ryan Koch added him to his rivalry which helped Adam to get to know some of the other newer improving players such as Axel Zakrisson, Graham Maddocks and Henning Blom who are all still good friends with him today.

Personal Info

Adam is 40 years old and lives near Nottingham, England. He is now ranked outside the Top 100 although he used to be in the Top 30. He has had more success on the Licence to Kill (LTK) and Dark Licence to Kill (DLTK) settings. His favourite levels are Control, Statue and Jungle and most hated levels are Archives, Train and Depot.

His favourite types of computer games are usually adventure/role playing games and racing games. The game franchises that he likes best are Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Civilization, Zelda, F Zero, Wave Race and Mario Kart.

When he was younger, he took part in the England Chess trials for his age group and finished equal second and went on to represent England a few times but doesn't play any more.

Normal Mode

He joined the rankings in Spring 2006 when he started to get some better PRs. He managed to get 2:22/2:22/2:21 on Statue which was good enough for 5th place on the Statue leaderboard despite only being ranked about 100th overall at the time. He continued to move up the rankings and got Surface 2 Secret Agent 0:55 to earn his first world record in November 2006. He has had a few more world records since then, the best being his 0:37 and 0:36 on Runway 00 Agent using the difficult grenade strat, both of which had been untied for well over a year by Bryan Bosshardt.

Adam is currently just outside the Top 100 on the GoldenEye World Rankings although he has been in the Top 30 several times.

He is one of the most reliable players for providing proof of his videos and has proven every PR that he has had since early 2007. He has 60/60 proven times on normal mode and is also fully proven on both LTK and DLTK.

Licence to Kill Mode (LTK)

Adam first started playing LTK mode in late 2006 and has completed 20/20 levels. In October 2009, he overtook long time LTK champion Garrett Sellati and held the #1 ranking for over six years. He has held thirteen of the LTK world records and currently holds one untied world record which is Aztec 1:57.

In March 2015, he became the only known player to have completed a full 20 level LTK speedrun which he did in a time of 1:54:34. This requires finishing all 20 levels in order and restarting a level if you fail or die on a level. On this run he managed to complete thirteen of the levels on his first attempt.

Dark Licence to Kill Mode (DLTK)

He first started playing DLTK mode in late 2006 and went on to become the first player to have completed all 20 levels. In January 2010, he overtook long time DLTK champion Ilari Pekkala and held the #1 ranking for a while until Ilari completed Cradle to regain his #1 ranking. He was then also overtaken by Lloyd Palmer, who was the first player to complete 19/20 levels, but then regained the #1 ranking after completing Silo DLTK in April 2013 and Streets DLTK in January 2014. He has held sixteen of the world records and currently holds seven (all untied). He is currently ranked first on the DLTK time rankings and second on the DLTK points rankings.

His current DLTK world records are Dam 6:17, Runway 0:43, Silo 7:52, Bunker 2 5:58, Train 14:31, Caverns 8:54 and Aztec 3:44.

Turbo Mode

Adam played this a lot early in 2007 but doesn't enjoy it as much so hasn't played it much since. He holds nine world records, the best being his only untied turbo world record of Runway 00 Agent 0:19, but hardly anybody ever plays this league any more.


- Adam has had 152 world records in total on Normal Mode, LTK, DLTK and Turbo Mode as follows:
10 Normal Mode world records on 9 different levels (0 untied, 10 tied)
43 LTK world records on 13 different levels (38 untied, 5 tied)
88 DLTK world records on 16 different levels (88 untied, 0 tied)
11 Turbo Mode world records on 9 different levels (2 untied, 9 tied)

- In July 2007, Adam completed his final LTK level to join the group of people who have completed all 20 LTK levels.

- In February 2014, Adam completed his final level to become the first player to have completed all 20 DLTK levels.

- Adam is ranked first on time and second on points in DLTK.

- In January 2010, Adam became the first player to complete Train DLTK which is considered to be the second hardest DLTK level.

- In April 2013, Adam became the first player to complete Silo DLTK which is considered to be the hardest DLTK level.

- Adam has held a world record on 19/20 levels on either normal mode, LTK or DLTK. The only level that he has never had a world record on is Archives.

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