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Henning Blom

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Henning Blom (born in Sweden, 18th December 1986) is a disgraced eliter best known for splicing multiple videos of alleged World Records from 2009-2012 resulting in an illegitimate rise to a World Ranking of 3rd in GoldenEye 007. His involvement in the elite is extremely controversial and his actions have resulted in multiple changes to the elite's proof policies and administration.

Henning "teH Fl0werP0wer" Blom


Henning Blom's speedrunning history starts off way back in the year of 2000. That was the year Henning and his younger brother Hannes Blom got their own Nintendo 64 along with three games which were Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark and Super Mario 64. Henning was mostly playing Perfect Dark and eventually wondered what the fastest times gotten for the game could be and he found (on a library computer) a site named (2001 or 2002) that hosted some Perfect Dark speedrunning videos from players such as SnapDragon, Paragon X9 and Marshmallow. Henning was blown away by their times (especially Paragons and the WAR! PA 1:00 from Marsh. Henning's PR on that level back then was somewhere in the 5x:xx) and couldn't believe how it was possible to be that fast and even wrote a "ranking" on a normal blank paper so he didn't have to memorise the times. He tried the Chicago Agent mine throw but that didn't really work well for him.


Eventually Henning and his brother sold the Nintendo 64 in 2003 and it was all history until late 2005 when Henning bought a Nintendo 64 for little money from a friend. Henning immediately got back to playing (mostly) Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark. Henning was playing Combat Simulator in Perfect Dark where he tried to achieve the 1:Perfect title. It was here he started doing things more "professionally" with speedstrafing, headshots and accuracy. Henning also beat Goldeneye on 00 Agent and achieved all the cheats there (his last cheat was Silver PP7). All this eventually led him trying speedrunning solo levels and he actually managed to get times such as Dam Agent 0:57 and Runway Agent 0:26. In early 2006, Henning remembered the pdark site he found years back and wanted to find out if the records has been improved. At his friends house he Google searched for "Perfect Dark Records" and couldn't believe the new times that was set by Bryan Bosshardt and Ryan Dwyer amongst others.

The beginning of a speedrunning career

With all the new records and ranking systems, Henning started off playing Perfect Dark. His first world record was (not very surprisingly) Duel Agent 0:03 and later Special Agent 0:06. His favourite level was WAR! and he managed to get 0:28 on Agent. Once he learned how to selfboost, 0:26 wasn't a very big challenge. He was really happy with that achievement and he even started to dupe 0:26s all over the place. This led him in the late summer of 2006 to tieing the World Record of 0:25 which was his, to this day, most happy achievement. The problem was, he had only a name on the board and he hadn't posted with it yet, didn't have an AIM screen name, had no timespage, wasn't on the rankings and the worst thing being, the time wasn't taped. Henning also untied the PAL Special Agent record with a time of 0:47 (still is untied to this date) and managed 0:58 on Perfect Agent. He also got Chicago Agent 0:16 and later tied Duel PA 0:09, all of these times were without videos and the only proof he had was an endscreen video for 0:25 and 0:09 and a scrolling proof video for all his best times.

Henning eventually got an AIM screen name, got added to the World Rankings (with N/As on WAR! and Duel PA), talked to Otto Oksman on AIM who was the first eliter Henning really "spoke" to and told about his times that he had gotten. Otto encouraged him to dupe his times and by this time, Henning had gotten a better digital camera that he could record long sessions with. After surprisingly little effort Henning duped 0:25 on 11th November 2006 and finally posted it on the boards. He tied Chicago Agent 0:15 and Villa Agent 1:08 (no longer a WR) and other impressive times that weren't world records.

GoldenEye 007

Note: The first part of this article was before the time Henning duped WAR! Agent 0:25.

When Henning was doing well in Perfect Dark, he also started improving at GoldenEye 007. He first got added to the GoldenEye 007 World Rankings. He quickly got the basic times such as Dam Agent 0:54, Runway Agent 0:23 and Streets 1:15/1:59/1:59 etc and entered the top 100. After that Henning was asked by Ryan Koch if he wanted to join his rivalry, teH epic struggle, in late autumn 2006. There he got closer contact with other players, for example Axel Zakrisson who was the rivalry #1, Adam Bozon and Graham Maddocks, all of them are still good Elite friends to him. With some goals to go for, Henning started tieing (and untieing) rivalry record after rivalry record and at the same time climbing ranks on the Goldeneye World Rankings, top 80, top 70, top 60.

Henning got back to playing some Perfect Dark on his quest of trying to dupe WAR! Agent 0:25. After he had gotten 1:08 on Villa he started to try to tie the new Villa Agent 1:07 record (set by Ryan Dwyer) but failed after many hours so he went back to Goldeneye where he had new rivalry records to go for. By this time, Henning didn't really have any outstanding PRs for GE so he started to focus on Archives. He improved his Secret Agent and 00 Agent PRs from 0:59 to 0:56s. Henning later tied Archives Secret Agent 0:55 (no longer a WR) which was his first GE World Record on 29th March 2007. Later he tied the same time on 00 Agent, the Agent World record of 0:16 and Depot 0:26 after that. Some months later the first Swedish Elite meeting was hosted by Patrik Nilsson where Henning also met Ilari Pekkala and Axel Zakrisson for the first time. Henning managed to PR at this meeting, one of them being Statue Agent 2:21. Sadly he got owned in the multiplayer tournament but, against a killing rocket like Patrik and accurate Ilari, it was no wonder.

NTSC and a new goal to go for

When Henning got back home after the meeting he bought a NTSC console through ebay with both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. With some new inspiration, Henning quickly tied more WRs, Dam Agent 0:53, Surface 1 Agent 1:03 and got other noticable times such as Frigate Agent 0:24 (his first swedish untied), Surface 2 Agent 0:51, Facility Agent 0:48 and Dam Secret Agent 1:19.

One problem with NTSC was that it plays in B&W and Henning still recorded his runs with a digital camera, and that combination made his vids blurry and barely watchable. Henning solved this problem by getting a DVD recorder, finally awesome quality videos for a, by now, skilled player.

As he kept improving his times, Facility Agent 0:47, Dam SA 1:18 and 00A 2:01 to name a few, he got kicked out of Ryan Koch's rivalry because he had reached a level that none of the other players (back then at least) was even somewhat close to being at. He was ranked in the top 30 overall by this time. Without any specific goals to go for Henning started to look more at what Sweden's GE records looked like. He had a few untieds by this time and a few ties but Ilari Pekkala, who was ranked 1st in both Sweden and Europe, was way ahead and held most records, only missing Surface 2 Agent, Frigate Agent and the Train records.

On his quest for new tied and untied swedish records Henning started to focus on Surface 2 where he tied the Agent World Record of 0:49, got 0:55 on Secret Agent, which was Sweden's record back then, and 1:31 on 00 Agent. Henning kept playing 00 Agent though, trying to untie it and so he did and he took it even further. On 28th December 2007, Henning set his first untied World Record, Surface 2 00 Agent 1:27. Sadly, David Clemens, GE's #2 at the time, tied it two days later. This didn't stop Henning from playing GE though. He tied/untied more Swedish records and in the spring of 2008 Henning started to realise that he had a chance at passing Ilari Pekkala if he just kept at it. Poor Ilari Pekkala, who wasn't even aware of this, was now Henning's new goal.

More meetings and a quick race to the top 4!

In summer 2008, Axel Zakrisson hosted a Swedish meeting at his family's house. Two new faces showed up, Jim Söderlund and Axel Andersson along with all the contenders from the 2007 meeting. At this meeting Henning showed how "dangerous" he could eventually be for Ilari by tieing Cradle Agent 0:34 while several other eliters were watching him playing. Later the same day he even tied Bunker 2 Agent 0:24 and got a new PR, Runway 00 Agent 0:38. Although he did all this he still didn't do very well in the Multiplayer tournament but at least he had improved a little since the 2007 tournament, being somewhat harder to win against.

Even if Henning had many PR's and WR's that were clearly top 5 quality, his bad pr's were holding him back. In October 2008 Henning finally reached the top 10 thanks to a Caverns 00 Agent 1:43 which he got from 3:08. Several eliters described it as the biggest jump in elite history ever. He was now 10th in points and 7th in total time. In spring 2009, Henning went into a period of semi-retirement when he started a relationship with Emily Hirvelä. By this time Henning had reached 7th place in points as well.

In the summer of 2009, Ilari Pekkala hosted the 2009 meeting. Henning wasn't planning to attend the meeting but it ended up he went there with Emily as his baggage. Henning was asked if he could fill in for one of Ilari's friends in the tournament and so he did. Although he didn't play with his own controller or had any multiplayer practise, after a shaky match vs Marc Rützou, Henning managed to win over both Miikka Pekkala and Eise Smit and was ready for the finals. Too bad he didn't do well on that game because Eise Smit took the title for 2009.

After this Henning became more active in GE again, improving his bad times that earlier held him back resulting in massive point gains and quickly passing Dan Cervone, who had almost a 150 point lead over Henning before he got active again. When he tied Egyptian 00 Agent 0:46 (8th December 2009) he tied Ryan White in points for 5th place. On December 12th 2009, Henning posted Bunker 1 00 Agent 1:10 which was the PR that made Henning pass Ilari for 4th place in points. On February 4th 2010, Henning got 4th place in total time as well by getting 1:33 on Silo 00 Agent, improving on his old time of 1:52. Since then Henning has been in the 4th place for both categories.

Perfect Dark?

Henning lost a lot of his interest in speedrunning Perfect Dark but he still played (and still plays) it from time to time. Some cool PRs Henning has gotten with his random PD activity are Rescue Agent 1:28, Villa Agent 1:07 and Maian SOS Perfect Agent 2:12. He is currently ranked in the top 40 for points and top 60 for total time and he has no plans on playing PD very seriously again at the moment.

Henning played some challenges and was the first and yet only known person to beat all of Perfect Dark's 30 challenges first try in a row, this achievement was done 9th October 2007. He also did shutout videos for all 30 though that was a lot easier.

He also messed around with PD fastest death for fun and held all 63 records for awhile.

Current/future activity

After a "very long time taken to get" Control Agent 3:59, I am currently playing for Frigate Agent 0:23. I'm planning on doing something and I won't say much more about that, we'll see how that goes, lol. But one thing is for sure, I will stay active for some more time :)

Spliced Videos

In November of 2012, Goose discovered that Henning had faked some of his claimed World Records through the method of video splicing. Notably, two of his claimed untied World Records; Frigate Secret Agent 1:00 and Frigate 00 Agent 1:06 were discovered to be fake because the weapon Bond was holding in the ending cutscenes was different from the one he was holding upon entering the boat at the end of the level. Despite this being irrefutable proof of a faked video, Henning claimed they were legitimate for a day, until finally confessing. This initiated much dismay within the elite, and more fake videos by Henning were found. Additionally, it was discovered that Henning's Control Secret Agent 4:11, Frigate 00 Agent 1:07 and Frigate Agent 0:23 were faked. A new proof policy was written, and the elite formed a Council to formalize decisions on any controversial matter of this sort. Henning was removed from the rankings, pending an investigation of his timespage to ensure that he had no other fake videos. An investigation found no additional fake videos, and he was re-added to the rankings in January 2013.

In July 2013, irrefutable proof that Henning's Agent Single Segment run was spliced. Henning would confess again that his Secret Agent and 00 Agent Single Segment runs were spliced, as well as Statue Agent 2:19 and Control Secret Agent 4:09. As a repeat offender, the proof policy states that Henning will be permanently removed from the elite rankings and all records and titles he held in conjunction with the elite rankings are to be dishonoured.

Hey, you dont have any other interests? LOL

Yes, I do. I skateboard a lot, I have been skateboarding since 2004 and probably won't stop any time soon. I am also very good at drawing, not sure if anyone at the elite has seen one of my drawings but sure, I've been offered money for them. I still like to read comics and just hanging with friends sometimes. I am very interested in astronomy as well, might try to work with this in the future actually, who knows! What more? I like spending time with Emily too obviously.


Axel Zakrisson - Has been there since the start. Set up good rivalry records for me to go for and has always supported/pushed me to keep going when GE is gay. Pretty good at GE too!

David Clemens - GE champ and one of the eliters I've talked most to. Always helpful whenever I have questions about strats and it is always fun to discuss strats and WRs with him or whatever blabla.

Bryan Bosshardt - Ex-champ, I haven't really talked a lot to Bryan but he has good times for me to aim for and he has always been inspiring when it comes to GE.

Adam Bozon - Axel II. Funny 1.1 player and always cool to talk to! Had some good rivalry records for me to go for as well lol.

Graham Maddocks - All I can say is 1:17. Nah Graham's a cool and funny dude and I think he should play GE again.

Ilari Pekkala - Of course, Ilari is very inspiring, like the most inspiring eliter that you can find and it is thanks to him I am where I am today even if he might not realise it. Funniest GE vids ever haha.

Ryan White - Weird guy who likes to remind people about the fact that I have only had one untied. Still would like to thank him for various reasons and his cool vids.

Rayan Isran - @£$@ champ guy, nice to talk to and is helpful if I ask about something.

Wouter Jansen - Great untieds, great untieds + many hours, go W00ter. Nice guy to talk to.

Otto Oksman - The person who got me started in the-elite and is pretty good at PD. I hope you start to come online more!

Eddie Lovins - Kinda had a little rivalry with him when we were both ranked in the top 20 and that kinda pushed me for the top 10.

Ryan Koch - Got me started to play GE more seriously when he put me in his rivalry.

Patrik Nilsson - Multiplayer wise this guy is inspiring. *blam blam blam* three headshots. Nice to talk to.

Max Bout - Gwen Stefani, swedish chicks, Escape and beer. Could it get any better than this?

Emily Hirvelä - My wonderful and lovely girlfriend who is always there for me no matter what. She likes to play GE too which is cool.

Eise Smit, Marc Rützou, Dan Cervone, Jimmy Bauer, Cliff Hampton, Glen Stevens, Takahiro Arai.

If you think you should be here, let me know, I might have forgot someone.

Final Words

This took a damn long time to write and I had to recheck a lot of stuff to be sure but oh well, nice it's finished now. Thanks to Adam Bozon for the assistance of checking up grammar and spelling errors.

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