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Dayle Steinke

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Dayle "tBG" Steinke

Dayle "The Blueline Goddess" Steinke made her first appearance in The Elite during the 2006 Summer Contest. Since then, she has been an active poster, and an even more active chatter.


Dayle has never played Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, but she enjoys playing NES games, particularly Snow Brothers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other video games she likes include Final Fantasy 9, Kingdom Hearts, NHL '98 and Rampage.

She is also very active on Kongregate, where some of her favorite games include tower defense games, such as the Gem Craft series.


Dayle was a very active member of The Kill Everyone Project for its duration, finishing at rank 36 and was known to be the highest ranked single clicker. She is one of only a few Eliters to be ranked inside the Top 200 on both TKEP and Gasgames simultaneously.

Real Life

A Colorado native growing up just north of Denver, Dayle grew up with both sides of her family all within a radius of a few miles. She graduated from the same high school as both of her parents which sometimes meant having teachers who recognized her last name.

Growing up in a family that loved sports, Dayle enjoys watching her Colorado teams. Hockey and baseball are by far her favorite.

Her grandfather built a summer cabin near St. Mary's Glacier in 1972. After a few years of uncertainty about the future of the cabin, her grandfather gifted the cabin to Dayle, her mother and her older sister. So far they've made a few improvements, which included a minor bathroom remodel and a fresh coat of paint to the interior.

Dayle graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She graduated just 6 weeks shy of her 30th birthday, having attended college while working full-time and paying her own tuition.

She works full time copying medical records, a job which affords her the luxury of setting her own hours but requires her to be well-versed with HIPAA. Now with extra HITECH Act!


Dayle's standard internet handle comes from a joke made by a friend during a particularly brutal hockey game back in 2000. Down by several goals, Dayle refused to let her team give up, and tried using inspirational quotes to rile them up. While she normally was a stay-at-home defenseman, with nothing to lose Dayle decided to go for glory and challenged a much more talented player at the blueline - managing to steal the puck in the process. She blazed down the ice and scored her first (and not surprisingly, last) goal ever. Her friend dubbed her the Blueline Goddess, a name which Dayle put into use not long after.

Dayle loves her Colorado Avalanche, routinely attending around 20 games per year. Her favorite Avs player all-time is Adam Foote, who retired in 2011. When the Avalanche debuted their new third jersey in 2009, Dayle knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a game worn jersey to her collection. She reserved the first set of Foote's, and in 2010 this jersey arrived for her jersey collection. She wears it to every game.


Dayle owns a 19-year-old American Quarter Horse mare named Mollys Baby Pearls. Dayle first started working with Molly in 1993, when Molly was just 2 months old. Molly was purchased as a birthday present (spanning over several years) in 1995, and Dayle trained Molly herself. Molly spends her days on 20 acres of land near Elizabeth, Colorado.

In addition to the real pony, Dayle also collects model horses - most notably Peter Stone and Breyer models. A project of hers that never seems to be complete is the pictorial cataloging of her collection.

Jersey Collection

It never started out to be a collection, but at some point it just became one. Consisting mostly of hockey jerseys, there are a few other sports scattered in (the majority of which are Colorado teams, as if that's a shock!).

It consists of 33 hockey jerseys, 5 MLB jerseys, 4 NFL jerseys, and a random soccer (football) club. A website cataloging the collection is long overdue.

Volvo <3

Dayle's father has been a Volvo technician for most of her life, which has led to Dayle's fascination with the most awesome cars to come out of Sweden. She's owned 4 Volvos:

1978 Volvo 240 Station Wagon in "rust red" (sold for $800 in April 1999)

1980 Volvo 240 2-door in "Smurf" Blue (first car, totaled in April 1998)

1994 Volvo 850 Station Wagon in white (current car)

1996 Volvo 850 Station Wagon (manual transmission) in white (sold in 2011)

She also had a 1999 Kia Sephia that was donated to charity in 2009 after she upgraded back to Volvos.

Her dream car is a Volvo C70 Coupe, which sadly hasn't been manufactured for a number of years. She wouldn't turn down a Volvo XC60 (any color, R trim package!) or XC70 in the limited "Ocean Race" colors, however!


Dayle and Steve met on TKEP back in 2003, but they wouldn't fall for each other until 2005. On a whim and a lot of hope, Dayle flew out to meet Steve. They met on July 22, 2005 and it was love at first sight for both of them. They began a long-distance relationship that spanned over 3 1/2 years, flying out to see each other whenever they could get time off of work (which wasn't very often). On February 14, 2009 Steve told Dayle he was going to move to Colorado to be with her. After a wonderful vacation together in Florida (where they met DK and QB), they packed up Steve's belongings in his car and drove from Indianapolis to Denver, encountering blizzards and the vast waste of space and sanity known as Kansas.

They bought a house together in the northwestern 'burbs of Denver in September 2012.


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