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Quentin M

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Quentin "Silver Angel" M. (or SA for short) is a very nice French player who loves The Elite for what it is, for all the accomplishments achieved in both games, and for all the side events that are run in the community.


Silver Angel first took a look at the Goldeneye rankings on June 17th 2004, but it wasnt until Summer 2005 that he joined The Elite himself. He proudly considers himself to belong to what is known as the "BBWJ forever" team.

He began to play Goldeneye competitively during 2005, peaking at 50th in points, 41st in time during the Summer of 2006. He was very happy with this ranking as it accomplished his goal of overtaking Nodjo's 2nd place in French rankings. At the time he held 19 French Records, including 10 untieds. Two of his best times were Aztec 00 Agent 2:10 (10th fastest time when set) and Jungle 00 Agent 1:07, though he was never close to getting any World Record.

Even though his attention towards Goldeneye competition has decreased during the last years, he still regularly checks the boards and the new records in both games.

Final Fantasy

SA has played many other games during his gaming life, especially on N64 and GameCube, yet his favourite series is Final Fantasy. He considers FFX to be - along with Goldeneye - the best game ever made and has spent more than 400 hours on this game, first completing a perfect Sphere Grid, and then finishing the game in the "No Sphere Grid" challenge.

His most significant accomplishment was becoming the first player to his knowledge to finish Final Fantasy XII 100% in Low Level Challenge (LLC). The entire completion took several months and is 193 hours long, with the Yiazmat boss fight alone lasting 9 hours (without save of course). He was also the second French player to defeat Omega Mark XII in LLC.

Elite Projects

Elite Contests

Silver won "Voter of the Year" in the 2005 Summer Contest, along with the "Iron Man" prize this same year. He later won the impromptu 2005 Christmas Contest, an award he believes was recognition for sending a special T-shirt to Jon. In the 2006 Summer Contest he finished joint 3rd in the "Vote of the Day" sub-contest.

He participated in almost every Euro FV in 2006, finishing in 2nd place in the contest behind Wabs. He went on to better that the following year, becoming the first Euro FV Dual Champ (Regular + Predictions).

After being unlucky in the 2007 Summer Contest where he lost by a 1-vote margin against Greg Lavery, SA won the first round in 2008 (defeating Paragon and 2 other eliters), but lost in 2nd round against Bully. Yet he is very happy of this result, considering Paragon as a founding father of the community.

Recent Gaming

Even though he doesn't have too much spare time anymore, SA still did achieve two other gaming accomplishments: Finishing entirely SSBB (all trophies, stickers, challenges - without using Hammers -, and notifications - except those based on the number of matches, obviously -); and Mario Kart Wii (3 stars, all expert SGs beaten, 9500+ points online)

Outside Gaming

Silver has met Nodjo many times in real life, and will with no doubt see him again in the future. On one of those occasions he also met Wabs, thus creating the first French Elite "Meeting" in history, one of the coolest weekends ever. A short video was made of the meet. SA is very proud and happy to have been one of three Europeans attending the 2008 Virginia meet. He also attended the 2009 meet.

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