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David Clemens

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David "True Faith" Clemens

David Clemens is 30+ years old and resides in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest Goldeneye players of all time. Becoming the champion of the game in February 2008 and staying first until January 2013 where he got passed by Rayan Isran (he did get passed by Rayan Isran before that, and was ranked 2nd from June to October 2008, and was passed again for a few days in June 2010). Clemens briefly took the #1 spot again in 2016 for a few weeks before ending up in the Top 5, where he remains to this day.

Before The Elite

David first became interested in speedrunning Goldeneye in 2006 after watching many World Record videos at Speed Demos Archive. Later that year he completed Depot Agent 0:26 and subsequently joined The Elite in November.

Early Goldeneye Career

Shortly after becoming a member, David achieved more of the common World Records such as Runway Secret Agent 0:23, Surface 1 Agent 1:03 and Archives Agent 0:16. This was quickly followed by a pair of 55s on the two harder difficulties.

The first sign that he was destined to push beyond the more widely obtained Records was after he completed Bunker 1 00A 1:08 in January 2007. Only two other players (Jim Barrett and Ilari Pekkala) had posted this time previously, and only Bryan Bosshardt and Wouter Jansen had better. A month later he had tied Bryan and Wouter with 1:07.

Rapid Improvement

In April of 2007, David achieved his first untied World Record, Surface 2 00A 1:28, which remained unmatched for most of the year. Following this success, he went on to tie many of Bryan's personal records over the spring and summer, eventually obtaining several more untied WRs including Surface 2 Secret Agent 0:53 and Bunker 1 00A 1:04.

After matching still more existing records towards the end of the year, David went on a spree in the winter, lowering times all over the place. He got Archives Secret Agent 0:54, 00 Agent 0:54 Bunker 2 Secret Agent 0:46 (2 second untied at the time), Aztec Secret Agent 1:38 (though he eventually got 1:36), Aztec 00 Agent 1:43 (no longer a WR or his PR), Control Secret Agent 4:10 (now 4:07), Caverns Secret Agent 1:20 and 00 Agent 1:37, Dam 00 Agent 1:57, Surface 2 00 Agent 1:26 and Bunker 1 Secret Agent 0:21.

By this time he was closing in on Bosshardt's Number 1 ranking.

Goldeneye Champ

The most accepted date on which David passed Bryan for first place is February 9th, 2008, when Boss made a topic about this achievement. It is believed that the record which gave Clemens the upper edge was either Facility 00 Agent 0:54 or Surface 1 Agent 1:02, however since neither player was fully ranked during a large span of time due to their proof issues, it could have been any of Clemens' Personal Records between January 1 and March 1, 2008, which gave him first place.

Whilst David continued to rise past Bryan, so did Rayan Isran. These two are in constant competition, obtaining untied world records frequently, to which the other player will tie the record in only a few days. Some examples of this phenomenon are Silo Agent 1:02, Control 00 Agent 4:11, Secret Agent 4:07 and Surface 1 Agent 1:02.

David continued to set ridiculous records on other levels such as Egypt Agent 0:45. He remained the Number 1 ranked Goldeneye player for a very long time and set amazing untieds such as Silo 00 Agent 1:22 and Aztec Agent 1:26. Rayan Isran eventually regained his champ status in early 2013, but David is still on an extremely solid 2nd spot, holding a few insane untieds such as Surface 2 00A 1:25 and Bunker 2 SA 0:44. The latter is considered one of, if not the best, untied in the game.

Perfect Dark

David has also shown incredible talent in Perfect Dark, currently holding 10 World Records, and having achieved 45 untieds so far, despite having not even played most of the levels. 2 are still untieds today.

David's magnificent PD untieds are: Investigation SA 1:54, Investigation PA 2:26, G5 SA 0:38 and Villa PA 1:22. Many, if not all, of David's PD untieds are considered some of the very best in the game. David also had a total of 4 amazing Untieds sweeps (Rescue 1:25 / 2:17 / 2:41, Extraction 0:48 / 1:18 / 1:31, Pelagic 2 0:46 / 1:41-1:40 / 1:57 and Chicago 0:14 / 0:25 / 0:26).

Outside Gaming

Outside of The Elite, David has a strong interest in meteorology, music, movies and nature. His favorite bands are New Order, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Assemblage 23 and Christian Death. His favorites movie series is Indiana Jones.

David has met Bryan Bosshardt several times, one occasion while the pair were the top two ranked Goldeneye players in the world.

In May of 2011 David and Alex Anderson flew to Sweden to meet Henning Blom, Eise Smit, Marc Rützou, Illu and Patrik Nilsson. It was the most epic meet in Elite History.

David has also attended several Virginia Meets. While there, he impressively won the GE Multiplayer tournament.

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