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Mark Rayson

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Mark has been at member of The Elite since 2002 and has remained active in both General Chat and The Elite chat room throughout the last 9 years.


Mark never put his Goldeneye times page up but he claims a Top 50 total time for Agent difficulty. His achievements include being the first (and at one point only) person to believe that Runway Agent 0:22 was possible, and he spent numerous hours trying to be the first person to get it and convincing people it was possible. He was proven right when on 9th March 2004, Bryan Bosshardt untied the old record and got 0:22. Since 2004, a further 15 people have gone onto get the record.

At one point, Mark tried to convince fellow Brit Harvey Manhood, the idea that the Goldeneye running time during a level might reset after a certain duration (we're talking days/weeks). If it did, there's the possibility it might have restarted from 0:00 once it reached that barrier. He was planning to abuse it if it ever worked. It didn't.

Mark made a Caverns Secret Agent and 00 Agent strategy which involves missing out the first underground part of the level, but due to the combined pin point accuracy needed, and unreliability of the scientists, it was deemed useless.

Outside gaming

Mark studied computer science and software engineering for four years at university, and then went onto starting a poker affiliation business with some friends for two years. During these six years he played semi-professional poker for a living, and had good success both live and online. He was the youngest person to ever play in a European Poker Tour event (EPT), playing on his 18th birthday, and he would have been the youngest player to ever make the money in an EPT but he finished just a few spots off the money. Mark has worked for Coventry City Football Club, but currently works for where he lives in London.

He has had many AIM names, which include i337o, IvI4RK and w3rdbird. He is usually referred to as "Poker Mark", as to avoid confusion with the other Mark's in The Elite.

He is an active member of the Elite Puzzle teams but his contribution has slowed down the last few years due to the hunts starting at 3am GMT.

Meeting other Eliters

Mark has met both Robert Shepherd and Ricky Pusch, and is hoping to meet some of the Swedish Eliters in the next few years.

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