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David Monteith

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David Monteith is a Goldeneye player who joined the-elite in January 2012. Since joining he has achieved 11 World Records including an untied, Depot Secret Agent 0:40. He is currently ranked 23rd in points and 25th in time.

Early Success

Within weeks after joining Monteith achieved his first World Record, Runway Secret Agent 0:23. He was also PRing rapidly, with many times that were considered pretty good for being the "new guy". His first time that really showed his potential was Facility Agent 0:46. What was so impressive about it is that Facility is one of the most played and most skillful levels, having very little luck factors and mostly requiring raw skill, that and the fact that most people who had 0:46 were long time veterans of the game, and even many of them had struggled for it. He also achieved Facility Secret Agent 0:55 just a few days later which also was a very respectable 91 pointer. Monteith also achieved 2 more World Records in February, Archives Agent 0:16 and Streets Agent 1:13.

New Strat for 2.2 and 2.4 Control Style

When Monteith was first going for Dam Agent 0:53, he tried experimenting with 2.2 Control style and he discovered that he could achieve full speed in both left and right strafe with Cruise Control set straight back when using a 3rd party superpad N64-controller. It was only thought to be possible to hold full speed in one of the strafes at a time with Cruise Control set diagonally, because most standard N64 joysticks are worn down and don't have the range, which greatly limited there use of 2.4 and 2.2. Although he later tested it out with a N64-controller with a perfect stick and was able to get full speed in both strafes, though it was much easier to lose full speed on strafe changes which makes superpads or controllers with gamecube style sticks much more ideal.

Anyway, by doing this he was able to get many World Records, including Depot Secret Agent 0:40, Depot 00 Agent 0:49, Dam Agent 0:53 (no boost), and Runway Agent 0:22, the last of which took less then an hour, and only had 6 boosts. This technique led to 3 seconds being taken off the total time, 1 second by Monteith himself on Depot SA 0:40, and 2 seconds by Bryan Bosshardt on Runway SA 0:22 and Depot 00A 0:48 (WR now is 0:47.

Depot Success and First Untied WR

Shortly after Monteith started experimenting with 2.4 he decided to work on Depot Secret Agent. With 2.4 he was able to bring his PR down from :47 to a 95 point time of :43 in less then 2 hours. About a week later he achieved :42, and then the very next day he got the World Record of :41, tying David Clemens and Rayan Isran. After seeing the video, Clemens told him he thought the run was pretty sloppy and also told Monteith to go for :40 as it might be his only chance at an untied. At first Monteith really didn't think he was capable of 40, but he decided he would go for it a little and see what happens anyway, knowing he had a chance at an untied. Once he legitimately failed a :40, he decided to go all out for it. 20 days and and about 40 hours of playing later, he achieved it giving him an untied World Record. He then took a break from Depot for a couple weeks before returning to it and tying the Clemens untied of Depot 00 Agent 0:49. He has since lost his 00 Agent record but plans to get it back eventually, as well as go for the Agent record to give him first place and 300 points on Depot. His Secret Agent record of 0:40 remained untied for exactly six months, until Henning Blom tied it.

List of World Records

Below are all the World Records David Monteith has achieved with the date he got them and an estimated time on how long it took for him to get them.

(01/25/12) Runway Secret Agent 0:23(no longer a WR)- Around 10 hours
(02/07/12) Archives Agent 0:16 - 15 to 20 hours
(02/26/12) Streets Agent 1:13 - Around 8 hours
(04/10/12) Depot Secret Agent 0:41(no longer a WR) - Around 12 hours
(04/16/12) Dam Agent 0:53 - Around 10 hours
(04/30/12) Depot Secret Agent 0:40 - Around 40 hours
(05/01/12) Runway Agent 0:22 - 1 hour
(05/14/12) Depot 00 Agent 0:49(no longer a WR) - Around 8 hours
(06/03/12) Streets 00 Agent 1:55 - Around 15 hours
(06/16/12) Streets Secret Agent 1:55 - Around 10 hours
(06/17/12) Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 - Around 5 hours

Outside of Gaming

Besides playing Goldeneye, David's biggest hobby is playing the guitar. He plays in classic rock cover band named Rough Edges that frequently plays gigs throughout and around his home town of Merritt Island Florida.

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