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Statue (Part i of Mission 6: St. Petersburg) is the tenth level in GoldenEye 007. The Trev Shot is an important strategy used on this stage. The formal name for this level is Statue Park. This is the first level featuring Valentin.

World Records
Difficulty Time First achieved by
Agent 2:18 Jimmy Bauer on 2014-02-04
Secret Agent 2:17 Carl-Magnus Wall on 2020-08-23
00 Agent 2:17 Carl-Magnus Wall on 2020-08-11
LTK 2:27 Jonathan Hauptman on 2020-05-23
DLTK 2:22 Jonathan Hauptman on 2021-01-11


All difficulties

a. Contact Valentin
b. Confront and unmask Janus
c. Locate helicopter
d. Rescue Natalya
e. Find flight recorder

Version Differences

  • On PAL/Jap, if Val dies, all objectives fail. [1]


Flight Recorder Spawn

There are nine possible spawn locations.[2]

flight recorder spawn locations

To determine the spawn location, the game rolls a random number up to 256. Location #1 is given a 31/256 chance (12.1%), location #9 is given a 15/256 chance (5.85%), and the remaining seven locations are each given a 30/256 chance (11.7%). This means #1 has the highest probability, next up being #9, then all the others tied.

The chances of getting the optimal #2 is 1 in 8.53.

Trevelyan encounter

Trev spawns on Statue for the confrontation when you are within 80 (0x50) units of the green square behind the statue (Preset 3B)[3]. And since in most runs we tend to go a bit more right towards the wall it does seem that in most cases hitting the right side of the Lenin statue is going to spawn Trevelyan faster.

Trevelyan preset

When leaving the statue for B completion, you must remain within 140 units of preset 3B.[3]

Trev asking you to put your gun away temporarily stops his speech timers. After Bond says "Alec? You're Janus?", the objective will complete in 5s. The Trev objective fails if you fire at guards or go beyond 140 units of a spot near the statue. [4]


Trev Shot

The Trev Shot is discussed in its own page.

Technical Details


There are 4 spawning guards who are chasers[5].

  • Janus guards have 40 health and 20 armor (on normal difficulties). [4]
  • All spawn guards have an 81 / 256 chance (~31.6%) chance to run, and a 175 / 256 (~68.4%) chance to jog when looking for Bond. When they are leaving the level, they will always run.
  • Spawn guards respawn every 2s and start spawning immediately. The first 4 spawns cannot pull Grenades, but all others after can.
  • New spawn guards after Valentin on the way to the statue occur if the previous ones have died or left the level.
  • Spawn guards each have 4 locations they can spawn in, depending on where you are in the level.



Secret Agent

The strat described in Agent difficulty also applies to Secret Agent with very few exceptions. You are more likely to get boosts, which will aid with the speed factor of this WR. The Trev Shot is easier to perform, as a body shot (which gives the fastest recoveries) does not kill Trev and will work.

00 Agent

The same strategies as used in Secret Agent should be used.



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