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Jonas McCammon

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Jonas "PerfectLight" McCammon

Jonas "PerfectLight" McCammon is one of the seven "Founding Fathers" of the Perfect Dark Elite. He was the fourth member to become actively involved in Perfect Dark speedrunning, defeating the original three of Ngamer, Yako, and RaydenEG at racing through Attack Ship SA. PL's gaming soon tailed off, however, and he became the first Eliter to announce his retirement from active competition on August 11th, 2000. Later that day he also became the first to be banned from the rankings, as a result of a long-standing feud with PD's original rankings updater, SnapDragon. Years later, PerfectLight apologized for his feuding during the Summer of 2000 and was eventually restored to the rankings, becoming only the second in history to perform such a feat (Darren Frickel had been forgiven and re-added the previous month.)

PL staged a brief speedrunning comeback in early 2007, when he earned a near-WR time of :54 on Goldeneye's first level, Dam. Soon after he returned to multiplayer FPS, with the release of Halo 3.

In 2009, a user by the name of AwesomeLight tried his best to overcome PL's records, but once all was said and done, AL was merely Awesome and not Perfect. This run of failure led AwesomeLight to promptly become one of thirty-six "Founding Fathers" of the Perfect Dark Un-Elite.