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Tim Greneby

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Tim Greneby

Tim Greneby is a long-time and well respected Swedish member of The Elite community who has rarely been far from the top of the ranks, despite some rather long periods of inactivity.

In Perfect Dark, Tim was at one point the Number One ranked player in the World. However it subsequently came as a great shock to the Elite to find that whilst the current Champion he had been slightly lowering many of his early times. His intention was merely to try and compensate for the PAL elevator disadvantage (which he was the first in the Elite to notice), but he was nevertheless removed from the rankings.

Tim's Goldeneye career, however, remained both spotless and breath-taking. His highest GE rank was 3rd, behind Sterling Neblett and the administrator of the rankings back then, Wes McKinney. During his career he held several long standing records, including times on Caverns and Train 00 Agent that were untied for years.

The only game Tim plays right now is Starcraft. He is an exceptionally talented player and spends a lot of time watching matches from the Korean Pro Leagues every week.

Outside of his gaming life, Tim lives in Stockholm, Sweden and currently works as a fireman. He was known as one of the best athletes in his native country, including taking 3rd nationally in the long jump, and 2nd in the decathlon.

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