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Andrew Kent

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Andrew, complete with Corona

Andrew "Vulpex" Kent is the unsung hero of The Elite, being one of its biggest contributors while being relatively unknown.

Participation In The Elite

Andrew has created and updated many pages, including the Subsidiary/Rivalry Page and Goldeneye/Perfect Dark Speedrun Rankings, and in the past has been threatened with being put on The Elite staff.

He played for mission times in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for a very long time and his careers in both games eventually earned him a place on the Rare Ranks under the original Top 75 system. He has updated these ranks since December 2006.

In addition, Andrew has been active in the Goldeneye LTK and Dark LTK, and Perfect Dark LTK divisions, and currently maintains The Perfect Dark LTK League. He was one-time updater of the Nintendo 64 High Scores site, and competes in many of the games there.

In 2018, The Elite brought into question the validity of Kents times due to lack of evidence and known issues with faking times. His times page on the Elite website was frozen in 2013 after times he posted seemed to be questionable. He was required to show proof of the times that he had achieved, but currently has not done so.

Summer Contest Entries

Andrew was twice rejected (2003, 2004) and three times selected (2005, 2006, 2008) to participate in The Elite Summer Contest. He was placed as a 14 seed in 2005 and a 15 seed in 2006, so that was the end of that.


  • Assigned Slogan: "The Cool Aussie That Isn't Neo"
  • Assigned Bio.: Andrew "Vulpex" Kent has been one of the biggest contributors to The Elite in its history, yet seems to go unnoticed quite often. He's known for (having) created the Subsidiary/Rivalry Page which links to every Elite page you never knew existed. He also keeps track of the GE/PD Speedrun and has some pretty good times there himself. His GE and PD careers have been stellar, earning him 17th place on the always competitive Rare Ranks. His most recent claim to fame comes in the world of GE Dark LTK, where he's currently 5th overall, and has completed 8 of the 14 levels. He's also the mod of the oh-so-active N64HS forum on our boards, so I guess he works on those sites. I think he plays a lot of those games too. Vote Kent!
  • Assigned Photo: No assigned photograph.
  • Progress: Went up against Steve Bryze, and lost 44-16, in what turned out to be the match of least votes for the year.
  • Trivia: Was unaware of the whole thing until June 10th, four days after the event.


  • Assigned Bio.: Andrew's original biography was written by Mgay, as is viewable as the first incarnation of this article.
  • Assigned Photo: "MINE has BEER! So ner."
  • Progress: Went up against Ryan Dwyer, and lost 18-76, by the biggest margin of the year.
  • Trivia: Was later suggested for a 16 seed instead of a 15, in order that a mirth-filled Derek Clark | Kent slaughter might occur.


  • Trivia: Will doubtlessly once again be surprised that he participated in the event on some future date.
    • Eventually came to the realization on July 11th, nearly a full month after his match had taken place. Was filled with mirth when he found out.

Projects Summary

Andrew maintains, or has maintained in the past, the following pages for The Elite:

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