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Mike Gaydeski

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Mg keeping it classy. Maybe.

Mike "Mgay" Gaydeski is an Eliter best known for his dry sense of humor and musical talent.

The Beginning

Mike has known about the GoldenEye speedrunning community since the days of GoldenEye Extreme in 1998 or so. However, he did not join The Elite until July 2003, when he submitted a batch of GoldenEye times that were completely and utterly awful. After a few weeks of playing, he achieved his first World Record, Bunker 1 0:18, on 7 August 2003. In the following months, he slowly but steadily improved his times, but most of the recognition he achieved was for his humorous name (because it has "desk" in it, obviously). Mike peaked at 32nd place in mid-2006, achieving a total of 10 World Records between 2003 and 2006.

In addition to GoldenEye, Mike has also competed at Perfect Dark. In addition to Duel 0:03 and 0:06, he achieved several notable times, including Rescue SA 2:22, which was worth 94 points at the time. He also became one of only a few people to complete all 21 levels on License to Kill. He also beat a few levels on Dark License to Kill, most notably becoming the first person to beat WAR! on this setting. Mike also competed briefly in Mario Kart 64, achieving the rank of Elite F.

The Peak

In 2006, in addition to the peak of his GE and PD careers, Mike was very active within the community. He was active both on the boards and in chat, and he updated the PD LTK rankings. He also contributed greatly to the 2006 Summer Contest, where he was chosen as a member of the Selection Committee, wrote a large number of bios (which laid the foundation for many of the bios on this site), and ran the contest while Ngamer was on vacation.

In late 2006, Mike took a hiatus from The Elite.

The Return

Mike returned in June 2009 with a small number of PRs in both GE and PD, including Duel PA 0:09 at the 2009 Virginia meet, becoming the second person to achieve a World Record at a Virginia meet. He appeared on several episodes of The DK and Comet Show, attended every Virginia meet since 2009, and developed several projects for the Elite, including the PD LTK Rankings, the First Vote Rankings, and the GoldenEye Multiplayer Database. Despite not playing GE or PD much (or ever, really) and being completely absent from the community for most of the year, he somehow retains enough popularity to keep making the Elite Summer Contest. He's not entirely sure how.

Personal Life

Mike enjoys playing Scramble/Words with Friends, usually while procrastinating on more pressing matters. He also plays trumpet, piano, and vuvuzela and composes.

Random Facts

  • Mike was the last player to get both Bunker 1 A 0:18 and Surface 2 A 0:53 as World Records. He would like to think that this means something, but it really doesn't.
  • Mike has beaten Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to 100% completion way too many times, including two speedrun, the best of which took just over 20 hours of game time. He once hoped to complete a third speedrun and submit it to Speed Demos Archive, but this may or may not ever happen.
  • Mike has Surface 2 SA 0:55 and Jimbo doesn't. Suck it, Jimbo.
  • Despite being notoriously skinny, Mike can eat large quantities of food in one sitting and not gain a pound thanks to his ridiculously fast metabolism.

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