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Dark License To Kill

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Dark License to Kill (also known as Dark LTK or DLTK) is a difficulty created by maximizing all the enemy settings on the unlockable 007 Mode on GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark Mode on Perfect Dark. In Perfect Dark, enemies require a headshot to be defeated efficiently, but in GoldenEye, enemies can withstand 10 headshots before falling.


GoldenEye 007

  • Enemy Health: 1000%
  • Enemy Damage: 1000%
  • Enemy Accuracy: 100%
  • Enemy Reaction Time: 100%

Perfect Dark

  • Enemy Health: 1000%
  • Enemy Damage: 1000%
  • Enemy Accuracy: 1000%


Eliter Ilari Pekkala is widely responsible for the majority of the competition in Goldeneye and is the league's most influential player by far. Many levels on DLTK are extremely difficult to complete.

In Goldeneye, all 20 levels have now been completed after Silo was finally done in April 2013 by Adam Bozon, almost 16 years after the initial release of Goldeneye. In March 2016, Bryan Bosshardt improved the record by 15 seconds.

In Perfect Dark, the last level to be beaten was Attack Ship by Eric "Icy" Liikala. Long thought to be impossible, Icy nevertheless came up with a dozen of strats of his own, ultimately making the level not only possible but significantly easier than Train and Silo. The first completion by Icy was 53:10, achieved in July 2014, but that time has since been improved by over 40 minutes. Flickerform holds the current record with 8:33.

As of June 2021, 9 players have completed all DLTK levels in Perfect Dark and 5 players in Goldeneye. 4 players have completed all DLTK levels in both games.

General Guidance

Whilst DLTK provides considerable difficulty, many common strategies can be adopted to simplify levels. The following list describes some common strategies in Goldeneye:

  • AI Manipulation - Fundamental to DLTK is manipulating guard behaviour. Across and within levels, different guards have a range of behaviour, so understanding and abusing this is a key skill.
  • Noise - Both minimising and maximising noise is a useful tactic. Minimising noise can be beneficial, e.g. avoiding alerting multiple guards when dealing with one. Similarly noise can be maximised to lure multiple guards into a particular area for easy elimination by explosion or into an avoidable part of the level. See also, Tracking Bond
  • Static Object Explosion - Guards which typically take 10 head shots can be easily eliminated by seemingly minor explosion of boxes/cabinets/consoles etc. This can be elicited by shooting most such items 5 times (usually 4 done to 'pre-nade' the object, and 1 once guards are in position). This allows for low ammo-intensive kills and lower risk, in terms of margin for error and guard alerting.
  • Nade Framing - Some guards are able to pull grenades as part of their animation options (with varying probabilities). By shooting guards at a slower rate, it allows for the possibility of them going to pull a grenade as part of their recovery animation. If eliminated suitably quickly after this point they will drop the grenade making it possible for Bond to use.
  • False Walls - These are barriers in the game, which you can shoot over/through, but guards cannot. For example: railings, low walls, over-hanging boxes. These can be manipulated to provide safe shots at guards
  • Door Opening - Similar to the False Walls, many doors which open vertically provide protection, since enemies cannot shot Bond until the door is fully open. Toggling such doors open and shut can provide safe shooting opportunities.
  • Quick leaning - Similar to an R-Lean, a quick sidestep whilst aiming (i.e. crosshairs visible) can provide a number of benefits. If done suitably fast, it allows you see around corners safely. It can be used to trigger a guards shooting animation allowing a subsequent safe window when the guard stops shooting. Likewise, it can be used to interrupt a guards running animation, so they stay further from you.
  • Close Proximity - In many situations, it is possible to allay danger by standing immediately next to a guard. If proximity is suitably close, the odds of taking damage are significantly reduced (albeit not 0).


Annotated tutorials are available for most DLTK levels in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, courtesy of Icy and Adam Bozon. These provide possible solutions for their respective level, typically focussed on completions rather than fast times.

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