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007 Mode

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007 Mode is a bonus difficulty setting in GoldenEye 007. It is unlocked by completing all 20 missions on 00 Agent mode.

By selecting 007 Mode as the difficulty setting, the attributes of the enemies are customizable on a given level.


  • Enemy Health - 0% to 1000%
  • Enemy Damage - 0% to 1000%
  • Enemy Accuracy - 0% to 100%
  • Enemy Response Time - 0% to 100%

The customizable nature of 007 Mode has spawned two alternate leagues: License To Kill and Dark License To Kill.

Note that 007 Mode does not store the time of completion, and, afterwards, the precise settings are not displayed; the mission completion screen simply gives "007 Mode" as the difficulty setting. This means that videos of times achieved under 007 Mode must include a brief section at the end where the player returns to the 007 Mode settings screen to show what the settings were for the run.