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Paul Plumridge

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Paul "Plum" Plumridge

Paul "Plum" Plumridge is one of The Elite's more colourful members.

In June of 2002 he was kicked out of the Goldeneye rankings for faking a time on Aztec. He responded a few months later by creating a fake Perfect Dark profile Sexysim under the name Lisa Thompson in an attempt to fake a high ranking female player. This lasted all of two weeks before discovery. Plum himself was also kicked out of the PD ranks over this misdemeanor, despite his own times actually being legit at that point. He has since been reinstated and is currently ranked 143rd in time.

After faking himself out of the Elite, Plum moved on to conquer the Timesplitters series. He currently holds no records in TS1 but has many good times. TimeSplitters 2 took a different direction as he was removed from the rankings after a fake Retroracer time was discovered. He didnt realise that a PAL console couldnt produce odd decimal times. 'I was annoyed at Snapdragon breaking 3 of my records in one day.'

In 2019, a user on YouTube identifying himself as Paul Plumridge, in a video regarding the world record progression of 1080° Snowboarding’s Deadly Fall, made a confession in the comments section that “he never got any of the times he submitted” to N64 High Scores for the game in question. The user then asked for all of his times to be deleted.

Plum and Holly Valance

Socially Plum is famous for being engaged twice and having his heart broken twice. First Lisa then a Kerri. He is now rebuilding his life after Kerri, with the help of the Elite after he posted a heartfelt topic asking for advice in arguably the worlds premier dating advice location - the Elite's General Chat forum. In addition to dating some of England's hottest teenagers, Plum extended himself to foreign beauties by meeting up with Holly Valance.

Plum currently works as an accountant and resides in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. He rides an Aprilla motorbike and is also a county darts player.

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