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Blake Piepho

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Blake "Spider-Waffle" Piepho

Blake "SpiderWaffle" Piepho does not actively compete in Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, but has contributed strategic ideas to Goldeneye that have saved many seconds on the rankings. He discovered the Caverns SA mine throw for Objective B, the Infiltration "super bug toss" and the Surface 2 "shoot through the window get the last camera" strategies amongst others. While some ideas are too unreliable to practically integrate into normal play, many have found their way into tool-assisted runs of the game. He is active on the Elite forums and also gives assistance to Goldeneye/Perfect Dark TAS speedrunners in their respective communities.

Blake does play competitively in other areas, and has several videos listed on Speed Demos Archive, including runs on StarCraft, Half-Life, the HL expanion Opposing Force, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metroid, and Contra III.

In non-speedrun related gaming Blake is world class at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and has won $300 in a Twin Galaxies best combo contest. His Tony Hawk videos including many world records can be found at Planet Tony Hawk.

Blake is also an avid and currently active player of the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic. He plays for top ranked American clans and was selected to represent the United State’s national team for attack/defend style of maps. He is considered by many to have been the best player ever for attack/defend and the best soldier trick jumper.

Blake studies mechanical engineering at the University of Washington. His favorite hobby is volleyball; he plays for the UW men's club team and for a Seattle area men's A team.

For an interesting half hour, feel free to IM Swaff at "Spider-Waffle" on skype and ask for his thoughts on using scroll wheels for segmented runs.

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