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Twin Galaxies

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Twin Galaxies [1] is a videogame scorekeeping website which is the home of the largest and deepest database of videogame high scores. It has historically made itself known as "The Official Electronic Scoreboard" and "The Worldwide Authority on Player Rankings, Gaming Statistics and Championship Tournaments." It was founded in 1981 by Walter Day, and holds the honor of being the earliest videogame rankings authority.

As video games evolved past the inclusion of scoring systems, previous owners of Twin Galaxies struggled to accommodate new modes and methods of gameplay, such as speedrunning. Early sets of "Fastest Completion" rules were created, but many of these rules were created without discussion or input from a community. Twin Galaxies' rules for fastest completion generally differ from those set by speedrunning communities, as TG initially refused to accept runs involving glitches. However, the recent ownership has drastically overhauled the website and has implemented new systems which will accommodate speedrun within the database.

Twin Galaxies no longer refers to itself as an "official authority." However Twin Galaxies is the only organization officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.