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Geoffrey Shreiber

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Geoffrey "PSK" Shreiber

Geoffrey "PSK" Shreiber joined the Elite in 2004 and at the time was its youngest member. He competed mainly as a Perfect Dark player, obtaining one tied World Record on The Duel, but subsequently ventured out into Goldeneye where he set a few decent times.

No Sleepathon

PSK has been one of the Elite's strongest competitors in No Sleepathon challenges, finishing first in the 2007 New Years event. His winning time of 66 hours 6 minutes is the second longest in Elite history, which should have gone on to become the record 'if i wasnt stupid and thought i could lay down for 2 hours'. Competing in these events has resulted in a fierce rivalry with QB.

Unlike many NSa participants, PSK actually enjoys going without sleep to the extent that he will often stay awake more than 48 hours at a time for fun. Nevertheless, having relied on caffeine to assist him in the early days he feels that his body has since become accustomed to the fact he drinks 5 cans of Mountain Dew a day. Thus as the later teen years approach his abilities are dwindling.


PSK has been playing Dance Dance Revolution since December 31st 2003, and on the hardest difficulty since 2005. He considers it his best game, and plays it copetitively in tournaments. As for speedrunning, PSK enjoys speedrunning Perfect Dark and Goldeneye, starting with Perfect Dark. He has a few good times on the N64 versions of the games. On the XBox Live version of Perfect Dark, as of March 28th 2010, PSK holds the World record time of 5.53 seconds on dataDyne: Defection on Agent difficulty, as well as second place on Chicago: Stealth with a time of 15.90 seconds.

Away from the computer, PSK plays a Dark Elf character in Live Action Role Play. Kind of like an RPG but you actually have to physically swing a sword and hit someone. A foam sword of course. There are no injuries for the most part(!).

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