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Myles Bukrim

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Myles Bukrim is one of the Mario Kart community's rare non-female players. He only plays Mario Kart 64 in the Mario Kart series, and specialises in Shortcuts.

Myles started playing MK64 sometime back in 1998, and was taken under the wing of Kevin Booth and Alex Penev. They chatted with him and helped him start out. As they were both good at Shortcuts, they had useful tips to divulge. Myles quickly became very good at Shortcuts. So good, that he even discovered several SCs in his future years (affectionately named 'MyleStyle').

He has held some Non-SC records in the past (such as KTB 26'27), but he is much better known for his SC skill, where he has been NTSC Champion for years, and World Champ for some time. His better known achievements include being among the first to hit and display the Rainbow Road spiral shortcut, the LR SC 'MyleStyle', FS SC 5'40, improving Alex Penev's CM SC to 'MyleStyle' status, YV SC 27'93, and breaking the sub-7'50 YV SC God standard (before the new strategy was discovered).

Other than Kart, Myles plays Super Mario 64, where he and Alex have had many fun battles over the years in timed, star and coin challenges. They are currently tied in almost every record, bar two special cases of the Koopa races where Myles leads. Alex has since given Myles the title most annoying gamer ever, in response to his creation of sensationally bizarre and exotic strategies that amazingly and inexplicably work; and that not only are they luck-based and require lots of patience, but that Myles always hits them for some crazy new WR. He's a one-of-a-kind.

Myles also plays Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer and Mario Golf, where he holds records at N64HS.

In his non-gaming hours, Myles is an avid basketballer, and has made videos of himself shooting 40,000 three-pointers in a row. Or maybe it was only 40, but it was still impressive, except that he didn't think of put a little ramp under the hoop to automatically bounce the ball back to him, which kinda negates his creation of sensationally bizarre and exotic strategies since he should have thought of something wacky like that. Myles claims to be part of his college's basketball team, and says he's one of their star players, sometimes single-handedly winning games due to his massive score contributions. Apparently the chicks dig him, because he's cute, and he shoots and scores. Some say it's really because of Kart = Chicks.

He's also a devout Christian, and praises Jesus for too many things that he probably should be praising himself for, because, really, he's surely put in at least a little bit of effort in of his own accord? We think so.

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