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Timur Ahmad

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Timur Ahmad, aka Zwiebel is a German Mario Kart player. He has played all Mario Kart games, and soon will have a full timesheet in every one. You just have to wait for him to become #1 on combined ranks. Zwiebel is currently joined on the MKDS Players' Page, the MKSC PP and the SMK PP.

He's not bad at all at MKDS, currently ranking at #3 in the world for NonPRB, and #10 for PRB (which he doesn't care about). Although Timur is focused on MKDS, that doesn't mean he can't own everyone on other kart games. He is ranked #55 for MKSC, and #218 for SMK.

Timur first joined the Mario Kart DS PP in October 2006, and rapidly climbed to the top. This was until June 2007, where he decided to stop MKDS and start WoW. This makes me wonder: what level is Sascha in WoW by now? Timur made a good decision to return to the game in November 2009, after lurking around the MB. His comeback was remarkable; he climbed from #20 right to the top,and by April 2010 he was already #3. Along the way, he got a few WRs here and there. He currently holds 3 WRs, all of which are NonPRB. These include: 1'30"724 on MC, 1'26"562 on PG, and 1'07"695 on RSG. Timur had to stay up all night - around 6am to achieve that time on PG, which has a funny story to it. Zwiebel is a member of the alliance "TD10", which is an amazingly epic alliance which will soon take down TB1. It stands for Timur Dylan 2010, and currently has a total of 7 WRs already.

MKSC is Timur's 2nd best MK game, where he is currently #55, as stated earlier. He joined the MKSC PP on February of 2010. No one really cares about MKSC. Also stated before, he is #218 for SMK. He joined the SMK site during April, 2010. All his times were done on 1st try, so he can obviously do much better here.

Zwiebel's only music choice is Britney Spears, which is his biggest inspiration. Without Britney, he just couldn't get any WRs on the game. He uses this music in his YouTube videos. No one likes the music, but he doesn't care, because everyone has terrible music taste according to him.

After finishing school (which is soon), Timur wants to study music, and be just like Britney Spears. His piano skills are currently epic, and he wishes to improve them further. This shouldn't be hard, as Zwiebel plays piano and MKDS simultaneously.

Zwiebel 4 Kartz Champ 2010!

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