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Vincent van der Fluit

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Vincent van der Fluit (Fince) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s #2 Dutch player.

Since his bloodstream has a high-concentration of Crazy Dutch PR Smash Virus, he currently holds 3 World Records, 6 National Records, and 2 60Hz National Records. He is #5 overall. He's helped out with several jobs on the time trial site (updating, proof issues) and is one of the big people in Double Dash, both competitively and administratively. His strengths are pulling fast MTs and taking tight corners, his weakness is the Special Cup, where most of his non-top 10 times come from.

Vince is also one of the best players to ask for MKDD help from, he is always willing to help out all players and give you needed tips via strats, videos and instuctions to help you reach those insane times (or just get some nice PRs).

Outside kart he spends his days having long hair*, listening to Opeth, and giving a name to one hundred 20-cent pieces. He also has competitions with Marius Mollenhauer on who can create the most bizarre and fugly facial expression in a photo.

Vince is also currently a moderator for the Mario Kart forums.

Outside of the kart world Vince visits night clubs and works as a postman. MKDD champ by day, long haired nightclub assassin by night. It has been noted that he has snacked three chicks simply by telling them about his MKDD achievements, and one guy(:D)

*May no longer have long hair.

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