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Christian Wild

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Christian Wild is a german Mario Kart player. He became the world champ in time trialing in June 2011, but lost the title in the time between End of June until the begin of January. Then, in February 2012 he was able to get it back by improving his MKDS rank.

He's currently ranked as #15 in MKDD, his first and best MK game. He held a World Record for a month from the 28th February 2010 till 22nd March 2010 on Dry Dry Desert fastlap. Currently he holds 6 german 60hz Course Records and 1 overall german Course Record.

His current MK64 rank is #31. He held a german course record on MMF flap, which Matthias Rustemeyer (the MK64 world champ) got back in 2011.

His rank in MKDS is #118. He's trying to bring this one into the TOP100, but he does only own a 3DS, so improvements here are very hard.

His MKW rank is #164, and he was the first german who achieved the Legend standard on rMC3 fast lap, and also held the german record for just a single day. His non-SC/glitch rank is #55.

His SMK rank is #15 in PAL. He currently holds 7 german records in PAL, all of them flaps. His NTSC rank is #9. He is the german NTSC champ and currently holds 26 CRs. He is going for TOP5 in this game and is still aiming for a World Record.

In MKSC he's currently ranked as #5 (best Average Finish rank). He improved the RBC3 flap from Sebastian Stellmacher to get his first german CR after just 2 weeks of playing. He is also the first german to get a CR in MKSC for a long time which was not driven by Seb. Then, in June 2011 he set his first MKSC, and second ever WR on Shy Guy Beach, he took the fast lap time from Seb from October 2010 down by 0"03 to 12"47, 12"32, 12"30 and then to 12"10. In the progress he took 6 more World Records on SGB 3lap, BC1 flap (already taken away from Andy Lundeen), SL flap, BC2, and also BC3 and RKB2 flap, where he was the first person who reached the GOD standards. Currently only 2 World Records still belong to him, as the new Site Champ Andy Lundeen improved many of the old WRs.

The last MK site he joined is the most recent one, MK7. Currently ranked as #85, he dropped about 70 ranks since he played it seriously. Now he's coming back from time to time to improve his ranks to stay close to the TOP50.

Apart from karting, he's also doing some sports like Parkour and Table Tennis. He is also member of the Fire Brigade in his village.

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