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Drew Blumfield

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Drew Blumfield

Drew Blumfield is a USA Mario Kart player.

In early 2003, a bed-ridden Drew asked his school forums if anyone wanted to play Mario Kart 64, because he was sick. He preferred 64 at the time, but instead received an offer for versus in SMK. He wallowed in his victory over the guy he thumped, and searched the web for an online emulator so he could challenge other players. He found ZSNES and ZBattle, and played battle mode instead of the other modes due to less lag on the laptop. He played for a few months and quickly became very good. In late 2003, he hosted a online tournament with around 40 competitors.

Drew now specialises almost exclusively in Super Mario Kart, where he is currently ranked #37. Even though his rank is pretty good, some say he spends less time on Time Trials in lieu of Battle Mode, and is a battle master. Nevertheless, Drew's best time-trial track is Rainbow Road, where both of his times are in the top-10.

He is known by several monikers by the kart community, used in the various chat programs: duffjr, duff gardens, properingjew, dreammachine, johnnytrivia, Rembrant Q Einstein and quantum teleport, but he's usually referred to as duff. The first few are the names he uses on the community forums, where he is a popular member thanks to his sense of humour. Drew is also one of the most important people in the IRC chatroom, because he hosts a trivia bot with a 56,000-question vocabulary. His trivia bot has directly resulted in the loss of thousands of man-hours labour and billions of dollars for the economies of several countries.

Drew's sister (didn't you know that all cool karters have a sister?) regularly hosts pool parties for her girl-friends in his house, and Drew is invited. That's not particularly relevant to anything. We just thought you should know.

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