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2012 Karter Contest

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The 2012 Karter Contest is the Mario Kart community's fifth Karter Contest, following in the tradition of the highly successful 2004, 2006, 2008 , and 2010 contests.

It features 64 well known karting personalities made up of 31 famous karters chosen by the contests host Zarkov as 'auto-ins', and 33 nominated by the Mariokart community.

For Round 1, Karters were divided up into 16 4 man groups. 2 from each group advanced into Round 2s 32 man knockout bracket. From here, 1 karter from each matchup advances to the next round until a winner is deemed.

Miscellaneous Info

  • Rounds 1-3 will feature 2 matches per day. The QFs, SFs and Final will feature 1 match per day. The Final will last 2 days.
  • All voting must be done on the Mario Kart MB. Polls will be put up each day for voting. If you anticipate you will be away for a few matches and want to send in your votes early, you may PM your votes to Zarkov on the Message Board. Votes via email/AIM/MSN/IRC/etc will not be accepted. Votes by PM will only be accepted before the match in question starts, and only from people who have already voted in a Contest Poll at least once. If you're around on the day of the match, you should vote in the Poll.
  • Anyone who is a member of at least one of the seven Mario Kart Time Trials sites as of January 1st, 2012 OR has been a member on the Mariokart MB since April 1st 2012 is allowed to vote. Anyone who is unsure of their eligibility should contact Zarkov.

If you have any questions, contact Zarkov or post your question on the Karter Contest board.

The 2012 Karter Contest
Round 1 Groups | Round 2+ Bracket | Matchups & Results

(BOLD indicates contest winner)

(1) Enchanted Woods Creatures
(2) cool not
(3) Wop Wop Wop
(4) nice wr
(5) Raphael Nadal Super Fans
(6) I <3 Shemales
(7) 100% Hetrosexual
(8) Move It Move It

Finn | Duff | Eoj | Aron
Thingy | Cole | RVZ | Firewaster
Roy | MVT | G-Danzee | Mihawk
Zarkov | Chraizy | NMeade | nstins
Etch | Neo | Utter | Brutus
Sword | sn1989 | TB1 | Math
Pierre | Pobre | MrL | Genesis
KoopZ | ALAK | LeeBoon | Oneshot

Honko | Shock | Frigz | NikeXTC
Zwiebel | BPA | padz | Happy
Spril | Sully | Make That Jump | ShitoRyo
KVD | Web | Kouider | Abel
Mick | Vince | Mario86 | Kmacc
Boom3r | TJazz | TvL | Meaks
MJ | Tuomas | Lafungo | Fank
Jones | Booth | Camster | Shaun

more like Group J (9)
Expert C in girls (10)
Boobs & Rapping (11)
Cheaters R Us (12)
Pokerstars (13)
Cleverdudes + Meaks (14)
A Randomly Expressed Group (15)
40+ (16)