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April Thompson

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The Girl

April Thompson (aka Miss April, intricalangel, and (Detective) Spril) was born October 2, 1987 (making her currently 23). She is a university student who holds an Associate of Science degree in Social Sciences (Education), although she has no intentions to ever teach in her life. She is currently pursuing B.A.s in French, Spanish and history, because she apparently enjoys psychological torture. She intends on becoming a translator and traveling a lot...when she grows up.

She is a mother of two feline children, Angel and Luma (yes, named after the obese stars in Super Mario Galaxy), and is currently a library assistant. Among her interests are music (especially of the guitar and country varieties), learning in general (she is known to do random research when bored), fashion (she's a female...what did you expect?), and writing (of the poetry/prose/memoir variety).

The Community

Although April isn't the first female to join the Mario Kart message board, she is the only female to hit 1000 posts, and the only truly active female on the MB.

She's also active in the #mariokart IRC chat and has been since June 2006. She became a regular op in September 2006 (first under the name intricalangel, now under the name DetectiveSpril), and has been ever since. Along with her fellow regular ops, she keeps the IRC chat sane...for the most part.

She is also the MKSC site's chief times updater, and has been updating times for the site since June 2009.

The Achievements

Mario Kart

  • SMK NTSC Women's World Champion (October 2006 - April 2010)
  • SMK NTSC Women's Champion of USA (October 2006 - )
  • MKSC Women's World Champion (unofficial, since April 2008)

Karter Contests

  • 2008: round 3
  • 2010: round 5 / Sweet 16

Everything Else

  • Former top 10 score on the game Midnight Serenade (210 roses, 2006. They no longer have top 10s.)

The Kart Profiles

The 2012 Karter Contest
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(1) Enchanted Woods Creatures
(2) cool not
(3) Wop Wop Wop
(4) nice wr
(5) Raphael Nadal Super Fans
(6) I <3 Shemales
(7) 100% Hetrosexual
(8) Move It Move It

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